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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Module 3 Session 2 15.3.17 slides and discussions

HI everyone please see the slides we used for discussion points on the sessions yesterday. Please refer to blogs from:
Lauren, Megan, Taz, Lois-May, Laura, Laura G, Lawrence, Victoria



  1. Thank you for this Paula, it really helped me as I was unable to make the session. I feel I know what the key parts taken from the session were and what to concentrate on moving forward.

    It would have been interesting to hear people's opinions and questions, however I shall look for their blogs to see their take on the session as well.

  2. Thanks Lizzie that's right - some of the session was just seeing where everyone was in the process - with these 'live' projects that is important to feel on top of things - we will talk soon.