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Monday, 20 March 2017

Date/day change for April campus session - please RSVP in the comments

THANKS everyone 

so far Lauren Amanda Jess Victoria and Ronnia on Skype!
we have Michelle form the library helping with searches later in the session to add to Adesola's introduction and what Laura has sent us..

I will advertise this again for Monday the 10th April 1-4pm on campus - we should be in CG83 but you might need me to get you in if you do not have a library card. 
I will be at the main Reception to meet you at 5 to 1pm for any who need help getting to the room - it is in College House - so those with cards can enter - the building to the right of the main entrance and the main College Building.

See you Monday !

I know this is a good week for some people to come in for the session - apologies to all - but I need to change the date to:
Monday 10th April or Thursday 13th April - UPDATE - I have booked Monday now in CG83 - hope that is okay 

Thanks Lauren for responding - if Thursday is better still please respond!

 ADDED - we can accommodate Skype attendees if people bring computers
Which day is better for the 1 - 4 session? who might come? - so please RSVP in the comments.
We generally talk about themes that crop up for all the modules - any suggestions?
9th WEEK of 10rd April (Monday)
University closed 14th – 17th Easter Vacation
Wednesday 12th April 1-4pm Campus Session (Paula) THIS DATE MAY NEED TO BE CHANGED - I WILL DO A NEW BLOG ABOUT THIS POSSIBLE CHANGE 24/2/17
(some can attend via Skype on the day)
All campus sessions at our Hendon campus – room TBC – if in doubt ask at the Main Reception when you arrive. These campus sessions will run on a theme that will be useful to all the modules with thoughtful group exercises that will help you think/do.


  1. I can attend on Monday 10th April

  2. I cannot attend these because of work but is there any chance I can have a 1:1 on Skype ?

  3. I can attend either date. Thanks, Jess

  4. Sure Kirsty - just send me an email - great about others - spread the word. Bw

  5. I won't be able to attend this campus session unfortunately, as I will be in Dublin - but I would definitely be up for attending via Skype :)

  6. Apologises in the delay in responding.
    No Monday is good for me. Thankyou.


  7. Monday is good to me! Is that replacing the Wednesday one?

  8. Can't attend campus days due to work, but would like to join via Skype??