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Monday, 31 October 2016

Friday, 28 October 2016

Module 1 Session 2 Reflective practice slides

Thanks to Georgie Joe and Shannon who made the Friday session - I will add Monday's participants then - please go to their blogs to see feedback form the session and also leave comments below on this blog! Please add your advice about sources for thinking about reflection.


Module 2 slides Session 2 action plans and ethics

Please see the slide share we have used for this session.
Blogs about the discussion should be on Laura, Kristina, Megan and Lizzie's blogs.
Please add questions or advice in comments!

Module 3 Session 2 slides from Tuesday and Friday

Here are the slides
Please look at the following blogs for discussion form the session:
Cassie, Linda, Sophie, Darren, Lily, Charnelle, Bethany - I also had a good single session with Jess...

Please add questions or advice in comments!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Thursday, 20 October 2016

CHANGE TO SCHEDULE Module 3 online session Tuesday 25th 8pm

Apologies everyone I now have to attend a meeting on the Monday evening and would like to change this session to Tuesday the 25th October at 8pm if I could - however if people need to talk on Monday I will try to do this on Skype...

CHANGE - NOW THIS SESSION IS HAPPENING on the link below on Tuesday 25th October!
Module 3: Part 7: The Professional Inquiry  (Paula)
24th October 8pm  I WILL BE ON SKYPE but I am not sure of my connectivity if someone cannot change to the Tuesday time. Please just RSVP and we can speak on Monday or reschedule.

25th October 8pm online join this url. There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype

I can also do another session this week on Friday 28th of October if needed... also at 12 noon time if you are in a time zone. Just sign up below if you need that time!

 Thanks everyone!!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Links to sample sources

People have use Lovett in the past - here are some samples:

One Dance UK on injury


remember people have been putting sources up on Delicious for years - label as BAPP Arts for others

Module 2 - advice on topics and expertise for your inquiry

Module 2 is about planning an inquiry - learning about professional practice, ethics, and research tools along the way.

In this stage you have 'professional conversations' with colleagues ant work and in your special interest groups (peer groups) to help you think about a topics/area of interest and develop it so that you end up with a plan (the headings for the plan are in the Module 2 Handbook).

here is a 'messy' diagram - the IQs are the inquiry questions - what do you need to find out to develop a greater understanding of a problem-centred (Leavy) aspect of what you do. Is there something you need to understand in more depth in your workplace that will then help you and others to enhance practice? go into a future pathway? solve a problem for your workplace?

We also have some excellent books to help with this process 
Look at these on the Reading list in the Module 2 My Learning module site or directly form the university library - they are online.

BOOKS TO HELP - scan these and see what makes sense 
  1. Doing practitioner research - Mark Fox, Gill Green, Peter J. Martin 2007 (electronic resource)


  2. Doing your research project: a guide for first-time researchers - Judith Bell 2014 (electronic resource)

     Online Resource

  3. How to research - Loraine Blaxter, Christina Hughes, Malcolm Tight, 2010
     4. Doing work based research: approaches to enquiry for insider-researchers - Carol Costley,       Geoffrey Elliott, Paul Gibbs c2010 (electronic resource)
       Book  this is the digital form of this book. this is the MAIN BOOK for this module

Here are 2 earlier blogs we did based on a campus session - we looked up topic of 'love' which is huge!!! - mind mapping helped to bring it into focus so then people could see what others said about the topic using key words.

Please have a look to help see how to do this bit on the links below..."Looking for love"

Remember to use the library guides and Summon form the library links as well as Google or Google Scholar - don't pay for articles - the university has quite a few sources - but there could be a few books that might not be in the library. ALWAYS look first as many are now in digital form.

Look at Adesola's tutor blog for advice and the blogs of others on this module - as well as M3 and M1.

EXAMPLES of people forming/shaping their inquiries

Megan has done a lot of work thinking about Module 2 in terms of the topic and organising the workload for the plan and looking ahead to the ethics

I have just put ethics forms up for the Part 5 Ethics section that comes next...

Lizzie is going through this process now. As in Module 1 there are group sessions and then you can have 1-1 tutorials - talk in your peer groups (SIGs) and with work colleagues (not doing the research now) and then blog about the process!!

NOW is a good time to contact your tutor to talk through your thinking... this is such an exciting stage - but it can also be a bit frustrating!!

FYI I will be doing the next 2nd Module 2 session. Module 2: Part 5: Professional Ethics (Paula) Wednesday 26th October 8 pm on blog for sign up now!

Here is a blast from the past:

Module 2 Wed 26th October 8pm Session 2 sign up blog

Wed 26th October 8pm please sign up for the next session - 5th WEEK of 24th October  

Module 2: Part 5: Professional Ethics (Paula)

Wednesday 26th October 8 pm online join this url. There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion.

Look forward to as many as can attend - this is always a great session.

Bring any 'real life' experiences you have had in the past that might bring up ethical issues in your practice. Also we will be thinking about how these apply to your inquiry for the course - especially the ethics in your workplace and the ethics for the university as you do you research your topic in Module 3. Module 2 is planning but you need to get the right permissions.

New ideas for Reader 1 professional communication

Let's keep looking for new ideas for professional communication
this blog is a start where I will add links that I find and hope to gather some of the ideas from others.

We need to add to the ideas in Reader 1!!!

Friday, 14 October 2016

We need blog addresses

Please send me your blog addresses to or put in the comment box so that I can put them on

Module 1 

I am putting these on the main blog with addresses!


any questions contact Paula!

getting ready for Halloween

A delay in my blog road trip today - problems with comments

Sorry everyone - I think Google/blogger/Google + have changed some settings and I have been having problems commenting for some reason. I am trying to figure it out ands will drive round on the weekend to supplement 1-1 discussions I am having!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Blogs this week and...

I am going around blogs this week everyone - please send me your blog if it is not already up any in Module 1!

My instagram for Inktober is lifelonglearnerldn it is hard to keep up the images.... lots of younger drawers using ink - but wading through it to keep my hand in.

I have been watching the US news about the presidential campaign - difficult to watch but hard not to. Saturday Night Live is doing some great paradise on YouTube of the debates and issues.

2nd debate (added)

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Module 1 Session Part 1 Professional Communication

Please see below some slides from tonight's session: it should link to blogs to be done by Lucy, Abby, Eleanor, Emma, and Shannon - thanks everyone good session - share the insights. The blogs are up on an earlier blog....

Here are some slides I did earlier for the start of the study period...

Monday, 3 October 2016

BAPP Arts Blog Addresses Autumn 2016-17

Version 1 with MODULE 1 ADDED TO BAPP Arts Blogs Spring 2016-17 

Please join in the conversations through comments… 

Other tutor blogs of interest (these might be archived)

Peter Bryant (former tutor who still writes about topics)
Alan Durrant (archived blog) 
Rosemary McGuinness (archived blog)


Module 1

there are a few more to add here

Module 2 

Module 3


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sign up for Module 1 session 8pm Wednesday 5th October GMT

Module1: Part 1 – Professional Communication Technologies (Paula)

Wednesday 5th October at 8 pm online in the BAPP Arts Meeting Room join this url. There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. 

RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion.

In the first instance - come to the this link  - you need headphones or there is feedback - there are directions on the Module 1 WBS3730 (WBA) site that CAPE has done for Adobe Connect. 

It can be a bit tricky - but we should all be able to use the video when talking - however it could have the same quality of Skype in terms of connectivity - so we are still experimenting with this site and seeing how it goes (with Skype back up). 

I will show a few slides - but we can also do that on Skype if I show my screen. I will set up a conversation and if people are having problems then I will with to Skype - or if when you sign up you know that you connection is a problem le the know...

Please update you Skype so that you will be able to join the conversation if we do Skype...

Let me know your preferences or questions as comments - if you cannot make it - I will put up the slides and we can chat another time.