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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

PRESENTATIONS - less is more

The oral presentations are a great way to share your inquiry with others.

That has been important to you? What did you find out form your practitioner research into your topic? how has analysis or interpreting this been useful to your professional practice.

a rule of thumb is 1 slide per minute - so pacing with too much seems rushed
pictures say a lot
rehearsing is a good idea

another source I just found

this is you cast as your professional self... and others in your slot are the same

best of luck - BAPP Arts presentations are worth the wait...

Wendy Nottingham in The Winslow Boy

Sunday, 19 May 2013

PRESENTATIONS Tell me what you think they should be? comments please!

Presentations - what should they be about?

Actually, the sessions can be ones to remember because you get to meet up and see what others have done. The questions and comments tend to be supportive and it is a great way to bring this term of learning to a close.

I am trying to schedule these - now so please send an email after you have submitted - 3 or 4th of June am 10-1 or pm 2-5 slots with some variations dictated by need (earlier - later - skype - if you really can't make those days).

earlier blogs you might consider -

Holiday time? not yet - I wonder how it would look?

A picture - a holiday travel shot - for Cathy. a joke after a conversation a few days ago about putting photos up about taking a holiday after submission.

So okay... this is a wall... put a ancient roman wall but this might actually be what things look like now - fascinating dense structure that has something has a temple just out of view. Hmmm.

I will see if I can find one that has a bit more of a horizon...  not sure right now.

Maybe someone else can do a better job than me? Please have a go!

Is this any better? It is the Berkeley University Botanical Gardens... beautiful and expansive.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Advice on proofing and getting your work ready.

Advice on proofing and getting your work ready.

Here is a website from a university

here is one for preparing a dance presentation but I thought it had good advice e.g. don't wait until the last minute and eat a good breakfast.

I also like dancing in my head advice - this resonates for visual arts as well

Give yourself some space and time this week to prepare the work for submission.  The writing is probably completed or near to completion, but that final check through can be great to catch any last minute issues. Create some karma around the process so you don't address envelopes incorrectly or send to the wrong email address. Check the process at least once - so write it - wait a minute and look away  - and then check again and THEN send.

As I am taking the work in - the process is the same as the last study period so I have to take my own advice. I will try to send emails saying we have received your work on the day or the next day. You realise that if you send thing in the regular post to us - it will be digitised - so send the work recorded to me. We will have a new Moodle site in the Autumn hopefully the digital submissions will be more streamlined.

I wish everyone well during this period, try not to make it more stressful than it is... and give yourself a coffee or tea with a friend after you complete your submission to recover.

Monday, 13 May 2013

UPDATE for the last week

I have been trying to do feedback so that everyone is up to date. Keep your head! I am around this next week for oral feedback. Try to get things done so that the submission is not at the very last minute.

SAVE, SAVE and SAVE again your digital materials.

Harvard referencing is in the Programme Handbook.

Also revel in the fact that while it has taken some work, you are achieving something.

Please get in touch with questions or queries.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Feedback should be coming your way!!!

Hello everyone - some of you know that I had a very busy week helping Media and Performing Arts student do a campaign for Intern Aware - I have been working over the weekend and Holiday to catch up so feedback should be with you for those who have sent me drafts. Now is the time to do this for everyone else please - I will try to turn the feedback around quickly. Get back to me with questions from Tuesday 7th May. Good luck - pace yourself- take breaks - and yes... chocolate.