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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Module 1 2nd session 13.3.17 - note about Reader 2 up on MyLearning

Very good session!  - we used the slides to discuss how we can use reflection to go a bit deeper into the thinking that we do - looking at our own assumptions from our expeirence and society/culture and toward evaluation and analysis (as on the Gibbs or Kolb cycles).

FYI  Reader 2 is up online on the MyLearning in WBS3730 (WBA) site

Go to UniHub
Then MyUniHub -
This is  MyUniHub for WBS3730 (WBA) for your Module 1 site in My Study/My Courses (your screen is different than mine)
it has the Programme Handbook
The Module 1 WBS3730 Handbook
The Readers 1, 2 and 3 
and links to the Reading List where you will find the Boud article for the tasks
and the Book about reflection from Bolton - this is your ebook
(the university requires that these are behind a firewall for copyright) (this is where you wil be submitting 12th May)

Blogs form the discussion will be on sites from Jessica D, Amanda, Eleanor, Lauren, Jessica S 
  • We talked about how our reflection relates to larger issues in our society e.g. Brexit and the Scottish referendum
  • what our journal looks like and why we chose it (A5 - new from the stationary store, sparkley)
  • we talked about using the ideas form people like Schon - e.g. reflection in and on action 
  • and we talked about how reflection is linked to who we know in our communities of practice - who we know and how we discuss what we know - e.g. educational setting versus performance setting
Please see slides for the session we used for discussion...

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  1. Sorry I missed the Skype session, work has been extremely busy lately. Today I have spent the day reading up on blogs and seeing everyone's opinion on reader 2 so far. The slideshow above has helped me massively and I feel I am now ready to take on the first task of reader 2. As well as reading reader 2 it has also made me realise how depending on the situation depends on how I learn. In the studio I am a reflection on learning type of person, as I do something if it doesn't feel right I change it. Where as when I am writing or blogging I reflect offline, after I have finished and the criticise it. Also since beginning this course I have found myself starting my blogs from reflective observation. I figured out this is because most things I am now experiencing are new to me, so I have challenged myself to also try and learn other ways throughout reader 2 tasks. After reading a few blogs and looking through this slideshow I am ready to get stuck into the tasks.