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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Module 3 Oral Presentations 28/5/12 (ADDED BIT ABOUT PREZZI)

Module 3 - You are now ready for the final bit of the module - the sharing with others on the network and practicing for future interviews and presentations in your places of work...

Previously I wrote this blog about the presentations

So this might be helpful to look at before the 28th of May.

As I previously said on the 16/5/11:

We have done 20 minutes slots to allow for a flow and transition time between presentations, However the presentation is 5-10 minutes. Try to highlight to major things yo want people to go away with for your project. We will try to have read all of the projects by then, so tutors might ask about something more specific.

Please get in touch with you adviser this week if you have any questions.  I am at home reading projects and inquiry plans - so contact me on my mobile, email or Skype.

This is still the case - I would also add that you can discuss Powerpoint drafts with your advisers as needed.

ALSO here are some instructions for how to create a powerpoint


YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A POWERPOINT if you do not want to! but is can collect your thoughts and get some of your information out into a form that communicates well.

You can put up your powerpoint slides up on your blogs to share with Slideshare.

Best of luck everyone!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The after effects of submitting work... post submission blues - what's your story?

Having been in the Mansion 219 on the 14th of May 2012 a number of people said they are reading this blog but not commented yet? Please put a comment or tell a story if possible...

I have talked with several people this week about the feeling you get after submitting work. Here I am calling this feeling 'submission blues'. Having done a lot of studies in the last ten years, while working, it is a an experience with which I am familiar, but everyone has their story to tell.

It is coping with the end of a performance - but it is one that is different that an artistic performance - those most of us have had training to develop closure for after the 'show' or exhibit' or job completion. However, academic work can mean a lot to people because it does require extra effort, extra thinking, and ownership. For that reason when it ends, there is almost a sense of disorientation and disappointment. There should also be a sense of elation, great! the job is done (enter chocolate and rewards!).

Having spent some years studying higher education, the benefits from this level of study can sometimes happen after we have handed in our work, so developing a way to get a sense of closure is part of the process. Some people have talked about the implications or impact in their work throughout the critical reviews, a summing up of learning. However, because it takes a bit of extra adrenaline to submit, the sense that there is more to do can linger...

Continuing to share with your colleagues after you submission can really help. Several have told me that they have had discussions with others on the course and this has given them an outlet for their 'submission blues'. The way this course is set up means that people continue to think and share after before, during and after submission periods. Respect other people's learning journeys because they are substantial and lasting, especially in what we do which is professional practice.

Remember, feedback is coming your way from advisers and there should be a real sense of accomplishment that you have gotten the work done!

A few searches on submission blues - amusing - a bit random - but might take you mind off the after effects of submission. I did not really find any positive links for this issue at undergrad level - and some that were just too random. Many are about the exam process but do not talk about what happens afterwards. However, it is still good to know that many have had this response, so this experience is one that you share with others in higher education and those who have now graduated. Actually there can be a big sense of relief - so discreet celebrations for submitting work in on time are in order even while waiting for results.

For anyone who needs a few words to register where you are now in the process - we will be completing things to a schedule that I will put on the Libguide so that you will now when things are happening.

Finally - if you have a blog about after you submit- especially a positive one - share it and link it here.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Step 9 (of 12) Play at the Trafalgar Studios + added bits

A brief overview - well I really enjoyed the play. It was great to see the characters unfold. A difficult story but a powerful one that took concentration to portray, my daughter and I kept sympathetically close as more details of an unhappy family history got woven into the dialogue. The scene (there was only 1 really) made sense though and the characters made you think. I am an audience not a critic - so this meant it did what it was supposed to do - that resonating sensation that you get after watching drama and one where your own memories mix with the sensations. Afterwards we discussed the prices of West End theatre and how without concessions it was hard for the target audience of the InBetweeners to attend the show(young adults that is - the subject matter was for adults so those who had grown up with the show). I have seen this same point argued by Kevin Spacey
Pity, because while hard hitting, it touched upon themes of wasted lives and initial hopes that had not been realised. Discussing the last three pays I have been to - it hit me that most had rather somber themes - rather like the Grapes of Wrath during the depression, and I wondered if they were somewhat a product of our times. Another favourite somber play Thornton Wilder's Our Town (originally 1938).

Good to be going to see a play again - Wendy Nottingham at Trafalgar Studios

This is article about starting out in an acting career - worth a look! Good questions in the interview and good responses.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A final call: send in drafts

Everyone, If I am your adviser, please send me your drafts urgently (now by this weekend) if you want written feedback.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. My contact details are on the BAPP Libguide.

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