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Friday, 16 December 2011

Merry Xmas - outstanding feedback to back in January

I am still going over some of the feedback as it has been coming in a bit later than expected... but I will finish this off before taking my holiday. I will not be giving any written feedback in January.

If you need a strategy over the holiday for submission or for next semester's work - make one. Many of you will be busy with performances and/or formally and friends over the holidays but it is a good time to reflect on the last semester. A strategy is about setting aside the time to complete whatever you need to in the time given. I call these things deadlines - and they help me to complete pieces of work. Write it up on a calendar, remind your family, friends and work colleagues that your degree work is a commitment. Don't leave copying or sending until the last minute. Another trick I use with myself is to set a deadline BEFORE the due date and work to that earlier time. AND SAVE SAVE SAVE - the only thing you know about technology is that at times it can go wrong and computer problems are inevitable. Don't let computer problems affect your work if at all possible.

I am back in January - and will occasionally look at my email over the holiday.

Best wishes and merry christmas everyone!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Trepidation and Rehearsal - managing the feedback process

I was just writing back in response to an email that sent in a draft of Module 1 - this is an extended version of my reply...

Trepidation is a common response to this stage of feedback and assessment - so it is about managing that process. As this is a preparatory stage in the process – I would expect not everything to be perfect! It is a rehearsal and a part of the learning process. I try to manage this side of things by trying to do drafts early so that I can check and check again and edit. Your process might be different. Most people also have a ballpark idea of what they have done – and that self-appraisal is something we can do more of on the programme.

Alan and I went to see Phil Race speak last night about - you guessed it - feedback and assessment. His website gives some advice to people who are students. Remember some of this advice is for conventional programmes where the 'students' are not working, but yuo may find some of the advice helpful:

Thursday, 1 December 2011

An Invitation to follow me if you have not already

There ar some interesting blogs out there now as people are 'catching up' and bringing to summary points their learning blogs.

A few that I have noted (to be added to):

Natasha Arselan's video - using juxtaposed nouns "people, places, things and events" (Nottingham, 2011).

Module 3 & 2 sample piece of explanatory research

Your Critical Review will have a paragraph structure WITH fewer bullet points - but this report talks about it methods and findings - the social impacts of theatre and uses an explanatory approach.