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Friday, 7 May 2010

Well done to network for finishing another milestone - 3835!!!

Please stay in touch with the network over the next months - and over the summer - checking the blogs and making sure you have everyone on as Followers. Some people are starting their projects over the summer and others are waiting on events before they get going - probalby using the time to look for literature.

I will also try to keep people posted on what is happening here. We will look at proposals this month, and the board with final ethics approval is 10th June.

At this point, I'm sure everyone needs a short recovery break.

For those of you who have not, please send me your digital back up copies AND continue to make your own digital backups of everything that you have done. Several of our network have had computer problems right at the end of term, do back up back up back up on different dievices and memory sticks to ensure against break-downs and theft... Also blogging and emailing content help with some recovery if the worst happens.

Looking forward to reading all the proposals - and I have some final reports as well...



Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ethical Consent Form confusion

The Consent form that Avni sent out to you in your reminder email  is NOT the same as the writing you need to do for the Ethics Issues relating to Project Proposal  = 500 word.

Ethics Issues relating to Project Proposal is what you pass in now with your Ethics form. The Ethics form is the one that asks you to tick box who you are seeing etc.

The Consent form is the form that you can put your own title into and use after 10th June (after Ethcis approval has gone through the MDX board) to gain the informed consent of your participants if your are doing interviews. Laura-Beth asked if MDX had one - so it is handy to have one to hand out when you go through this process. You will be getting these signed later if you are doing interviews for WBS3861. t

Hope that's clears up any questions...

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