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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Campus Session 2 for Module 3

Campus Session 2 was a whirlwind of talking about work - bringing everyone up to date and making sure everyone was clear on how to proceed.

Please look on the Libguide and the MyLearning site for other Module 3 bloggers - I will mention Sarah Robinson and Daisuke Miura as good examples. Also please please comment on the blogs that you visit even if it is a brief note or question.

Please see slides below that led the discussion we had at the session. Also look at the blogs of Haley, Hollie, Michele, and Blake who were able to attend.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Concept drawings - abstract ideas that help you think and describe what you are thinking

Better late than never? a delayed blog about some visual devices that might help with your journals.

Concept drawings are an idea from Rudolph Arnheim in Visual Thinking (1969) .

The main premise is using abstract ideas without using recognised visual cliches - so you can't use a skull and dagger for the concept of 'death'. Depicting 'ideas' is really the key to 20th century art when representing life was a task usurped by the camera. You can use lines, arrows, patterns, shapes.

So we did 2 ideas - the first from Arnheim... the idea of growth - see example below

and the idea of 'inquiry' see example below

This is a way you can come closer to what you are thinking and expand the concept words into what they mean for you... so after you do a drawing - describe what it means...

Let me know if you might use these in your journals.

I note Daisuke is using a lot of visual image to describe and do diagrams about his work.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Feedly to aggregate blogs this is what I use now to put all my blogs in one place

Megan has also suggested signing up for emails of blogs if that helps you  to stay connected.

Please comment on others blogs - really important - including tutor blogs!

+ I am following Megan's suggestion and put an email option up on my blog .

ALSO I need to do this better but tag your blogs if needed for the topics.

Module 1 social media and ethical principles

Reading Ruth's blog got me thinking about the added element of ethical practice - espeically in social media and networking. Googling this I got a rather dense article about the phenomenon  worth perhaps taking on in bits...

Many of the theorists in Reader 1 were founders of connectivity - Siemens for example - here is a link that talks about his work

Do you think these ideals of using social networking still possible?

More on this - please comment - and watch this space.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Education and Learning Sociological Perspectives conference - Clare Kell's use of Laban-Bartenieff's proxemics

In September I went to a conference at the University of Surrey where Clare Kell spoke about her thesis work. Clare is a qualified physical therapist and was studying the placement training for people studying to be physical therapists.

One of the methods she used was Laban-Bartenieff's proxemics to make field notes of the practice she was seeing. The NHS is very strict about bringing recording devices into clinical situations. I thought this was something that others on our progamme might be able to use.

here are some links to help

More on Laban who is recognised as a 'theorist' in movement and dance

More about Laban and movement

firstly form Middlesex's own Rescen's blog - Art Cross London 2013 project

AND finally a few blogs about this area of learning which includes links to theatre

A blog about someone doing practitioner research about movement - image from this blog Haptic Experiments' - last entry 2012

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Professional blogs. A question

What is the difference between a blog done for a company and an individual?

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