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Monday, 29 May 2017

Update on BAPP Arts for the summer months

We are still doing assessments everyone - but I will send round an email letting anyone continuing with the programme how to access things and remind everyone on the next set of dates...

emojis - design classics

saw this pop up on the news - enjoyed the article about the 1st emojis

Friday, 19 May 2017

A big thank you

Thanks to all Module 3 for your presentations - from London (thanks to all who traveled into the university College House) and on Skype and abroad - Estonia, Malta, Australia, Wales (one of the four Nations - the one with the mountains) and Germany.  Probably missed some! I will be getting in touch with everyone via email soon...

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Skype presentations

I will call you - but make sure I have you address - I think I have everyone's
you can come on earlier to see others - please let me know via comments or email !
I will email or call you number if  we are not connecting.

an actor's guides to presentations

Speak for Success!

An Actor's Secrets for Great Business Presentations

I think I need to read more of these...

Getting to Hendon for presentations

Directions from tube or train are on the above link.

Remember that there is no official student parking... so this can be problematic there are some paid parking spaces and free ones but they might be far away 20 minutes walking (sorry I use public transport so am not sure where these might be...).
the oral presentations have been scheduled to be in College House which is to the right of the entrance in a separate building - CG83 on the ground floor- you can come to the room if you have your student card.

If you need directions - go to the university Main Reception or call Paula.

Come a bit early if you can.  People on Skype also let Paula know you are ready - some of you should be able to attend other's  presentations - let Adesola or Paula know when you are ready.

further notes on oral presentation

some notes about the presentation....

order – structure – you could decide to vary how you do this for emphasis so it is up to you... arrange for clarity - this is you talking about your work and achievements - it is short so you need to summarise - it is good to rehearse for timing and empahsis 

Some elements you could include...

Introduction -  context - who you are and why you needed to do this
what you wanted to find out - questions
literature  - important - name names of authors/artists you used for ideas - (practitioners. concepts, theory, ideas from inquiry) represents body of knowledge about arts and topic (not just information)
tools/methods/evaluation for practitioner research - talking with peer and special interest groups and workplace colleagues
findings - what you found out ? what people said - what you found out in themes? quotes  form inquiry (anonymised)? What that means using you knowledge of sources/literature/your own practice?
conclusions-  important - how this relates to ideas?
Implications/impact - changes to practice - how you shared this with others - what was the knowledge gained
Artefact - (before or after conclusions?) sample of this ? - how you told others - why you chose this format
Critical reflection -  - important - could include all of BAPP Arts journey next steps for you ?
Bibliography (?) if sources not indicated earlier

here is advice from last study period

Friday, 12 May 2017

Another study period at an end !

Another study period is at an end - well done for all the hard work! The effort that goes into completing things while leading busy professional lives is enormous. I will miss the interaction and discussions. It will now be time to take a look at everyone's 'online portfolios' (blogs) -  as a network it is pretty impressive.

I hope this weekend is a good one - we will be watching Eurovision after a busy Saturday trying to finish things - we all have deadlines - but it is a bit of a tradition in our household.

Adesola and I will soon be looking at the work and the Module 3 presentations are coming up next week... (if other students what to attend just let me know).

I am available as a tutor to discuss the oral presentations - so email me.  Remember there are some examples up on archived blogs...

Friday, 5 May 2017

talking about feedback

I can talk to people about the feedback but have had a busy few days - email for an appointment or try calling my mobile after today - I am around this weekend as we are in a busy period!
FYI I am usually not around to phone after 9pm UK time.