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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Blogging - the season is in full swing

The BAPP arts season is in full swing - that is - everyone is busy busy working and studying.

The topic of this blog is blogging!

some thoughts:

1. good thing to do - it is all about communication and being a digital scholar (Weller)
you can start/add to conversations - say if you agree or have a differing point of view - or add with links - it is dynamic because it is ever changing

2. commenting takes time - so make a rota and plan some time to do this (in smaller amounts - but like the time you might give to your social FB etc.)

3. don't worry if there are quiet periods - but the best way to get some 'traffic' on your blog is to go to other blogs

4. all the blogs can be cut and pasted to a word document for easy access - they are listed on your own blog - or I just added to my feedly that aggregates the blogs for me.

here is the link for the BLOG ADDRESSES

I will add to this blog as I journey round the blogs for this trip - I am shopping for change to Reader 1 - and am now looking at Jessica D's blog for some ideas...

I have also noticed that Eleanor is adding to many conversations...

Here is a site with some advice for blogging -  maybe adopt them to the BAPP Arts philosophy - you are in control of your blogging.

You might think this advice is a bit orchestrated?

What do you think?

reflective writing link

Free music archive...

a source that might be one interest...

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Module 3 session 1 24.2.17 stages and steps for the inquiry

Hi thanks for everyone's contributions - some very good discussions - most people seem to be around Stage 2 now - but go to the blogs to see and add comments...

Megan, Laura, Lauren, Victoria, Lizzie, Charlotte, Lois, Lawrence, Kristina, Ben (who was having connectivity problems - thanks for joining Ben).

Some slides for the discussion are below. There are some links within and at the end (earlier blogs e.g. the Dinner Party and Adesola's blogs for Module 3). I also put an earlier blog up bridging M2 and M3 if you missed it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Module 2 Lines of Inquiry session 22.2.17

Thanks everyone for joining in on the session - there should be a few follow-up blogs.
Ann, Imogen, Eleanor, Alex, Alice, Hannah, Amelia, Lydia, Gonzalo, Joe, Lucy, Georgie

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Module 1 professional communication session discussion and slides 21.2.17

I thought the discussions today were excellent - please look at the following blogs to carry on the conversation... please help with new ideas for Reader 1!

Jessica D,  Ronnia,
 Emily -
Eleanor - 
Jess S
Kirsty, Lauren, Prodromos, Jennifer

MDX marking scale in the programme handbook + below

Theme for today Module 1?

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Repeat yes Tuesday 21st as scheduled for Module 1

I think my head is still in the news -or more coffee needed - sorry the schedule on Module 1 is as planned !!! Thanks Ronnia!

Module1: Part 1 – Professional Communication Technologies (Paula)
Tuesday 21st February at 12 noon and repeated 7 pm online on Skype
There will be a post to RSVP on Paula’s blog.

Bridging for Module 2 to Module 3

The bridging from Module 2 to Module 3 might lead to some questions (is it a big jump ?- it might be for some who need to re-plan after feedback). So this blog is trying to help with that for everyone doing that now transition... We also help a orientation coffee shop to help people get back into their coursework (see Adesola's blog).

Please keep reviewing the tutor blogs as they supplement the handbook and reader. That is where we try to help with each cohort as they go through this stage.

This is an important stage for you in your inquiry process. You have planned your inquiry and now need to carry it out. Your Module 3 coursework is an independent 'capstone project' that we call the professional inquiry.

Your Professional Inquiry includes elements that others do at university for Level 6 - like looking at literature to theorise/inform your thinking (10-20 sources - a variety but you could include some 'gold standard' academic ones found in the library e.g. the authors have great expertise in the subject) and doing some practitioner research with people (e.g. interviews) to help you explore a topic/area of interest.

We try to keep the research part simple - but we have books up in the Reading List for Module 3 that talk about this research literature - e.g. Bell, Costley et al, Fox, Blaxter Hughes and Tight. etc.  They - like Reader 6 - talk about the tools/methods for undertaking research to help explore a topioc/area of interest.

Please read the Module 3 Handbook and Reader 7 and ask questions in the online sessions or directly in your tutorials with your tutor (you will probably have about 2 or 3 a term - you need to arrange these). You should have received feedback from your Module 2 work with already. Please do not wait - work consistently throughout the study period or you might get behind...

At the end of the module you will also receive feedback like you did for Module 2. The tasks hep take you  through it - but 1st carry out the review of literature/ practitioner research for the inquiry - then we work though the analysis.

We have now held the ethics boards and you should be receiving an email about your ethics from your tutor. 

In the Module 3 Handbook there is a staged plan for doing to help you do the coursework,

p. 13 Summary of Tasks for 7a - this is a negotiated with your tutor (either Adesola or myself) - as each person might need to adopt this planning - but it all needs to be done by the 12th of May (submission date this study period).

Have you done Week 1?  - a written summary of your work - and sent it to your tutor? 

Please do the Week 1 update to your tutor and send it to them if you have not already.

We are having an online session next week - but if you have any questions do get in touch.

Tasks with an indicative timescale for the study period

Week 1
After looking at your tutor feedback from Module 2 send a 1 page summary to your tutor with your inquiry title, your research/inquiry questions and ideas, ethical issues, literature review up to this point, changes to your plan, ideas for your artefact, and any questions or issues that might have arisen for the module after reading the Module 3 Handbook. Written or oral feedback from tutor.

Continue to blog on inquiry topic and using suggested topics from this handbook.
Look at tutor blogs for online and campus sessions.
Week 2
Continue discussions with tutors and peers. Blog.

Week 3
Continue discussions with tutors and peers. Blog.

Week 4
Send tutor 1-2 paragraphs as a sample of your inquiry analysis or discuss in a tutorial. Formative feedback will be given on the structure, the quality of the arguments and the quality of the supporting evidence discussed.
Written or oral feedback from tutor.  Blog.

Week 5
Continue discussions with tutors and peers.  Blog.

Week 6
Continue discussions with tutors and peers.  Blog.

Week 7
Continue discussions with tutors and peers. Blog

Week 8
Send 1 page description explaining plans for your professional artefact this week or after the first workshop on professional artefacts. Written or oral feedback from tutor.  Blog.

Week 9
Send to tutor drafts of your Critical Review (Introduction, Evaluation, Analysis and Critical Reflection) for written feedback.  Written feedback from tutor continued in Week 10. Blog.

Week 10
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback.   Blog.

Week 11
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback (i.e. artefact).

Week 12
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback (tutors do not give written feedback in the final week). Continue to blog about learning and oral presentation, ending with a final summary blog.

Reminder and signup Module 3 Skype session 7a Professionl Inquiry Fri 24th at 12 and 7pm

Module 3: Part 7 – The Professional Inquiry (Paula)
Friday 24thFebruary at 12 noon and repeated 7 pm online on Skype

Please RSVP or let me know on Skype before the session.

Reminder and signup Module 2 Skype session Developing Lines of Professional Inquiry Wed 22nd Feb 12 and 7pm

Module 2: Part 4 – Developing Lines of Professional Inquiry (Paula)
Wednesday 22nd February at 12 noon and repeated 7 pm online on Skype

Please RSVP or let me know you want to come on Skype.

Reminder and signup Module 1 Skype session Professional Communication Technologies TUESDAY 21st Feb12 and 7pm

Module1: Part 1 – Professional Communication Technologies (Paula)
Tuesday 21st February at 12 noon and repeated 7 pm online on Skype

 Sorry for lateness!!

PLEASE RSVP on this blog!! or let me know you want to come to the session via Skype 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

An article about Gloria Steinem - looking up ideas

Patience suggested I look at this news article:

Gloria Steinem Says Black Women 
‘Invented The Feminist Movement’
Alanna Vagianos Women’s Editor, The Huffington Post

the quote she liked was:

"When Tisdale asked Steinem what she would tell black women who said the feminist movement isn’t about them or doesn’t speak to them, Steinem replied, “I don’t say anything. I listen.” (Vagianos, 2015,online) 

so privileging experience... - yes sounds good for what we do on BAPP Arts.

Gloria is a big figure in women's history

Patience then started talking about intersectionality - which I needed to look up

and feminism (which I looked up and liked this clip)

If I were to use any of these ideas I would have to do some more research.... so finding what people are saying and who invented the ideas and why (the context for the ideas).

These 'social'  ideas started with this article about Gloria ... but I could take them further to underpin my thinking/analysis perhaps?

and beginning to think about feminism and theatre... - history - thinking about now?

Monday, 13 February 2017

Any questions? I am on call for 7pm tonight 13th Feb

Hi everyone - I am aorund tonight at 7pm if you have any questions - I will be on Skype
- you should be connected already if you want to send me a message.

Link for 'Online shopping' again - seaching for literature

Spring BAPP Arts Blog Addresses 2016-17

Apologies for any changes I have not made yet - see below.

BAPP Arts Blog Addresses SPRING 2016-17

Please join in the conversations through comments… 

Other tutor blogs of interest (these might be archived)

Peter Bryant (former tutor who still writes about topics)
Alan Durrant (archived blog) 
Rosemary McGuinness (archived blog)


Module 1
Jessica S 
Jessica D 

to be added to

Module 2 
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