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Sunday, 30 April 2017


I was just talking to Victoria today and we were taking about the conclusions and recommendations for the Module 3 work.

Conclusions are at the end but are also an important part of communication your study - they are the way that you tell others what you know form a collection of your experience and the experience/research/ideas of others.

How do you tell others what you know?

Here are a few links for conclusions - remember we are doing a variation of a report - so first person (not third person) and also focussing on how you have gained and achieved knowing something about your practice/discipline/field/personal goals take into account that these conclusions might also relate to more formal academic writing or report writing that have slightly altered purposes and audiences.

Please add others in the comments!!

a MDX example

The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill

so visualising where you are going can be useful

artists do write proposals... Module 2

reflective writing

this is about writing your own story- showing where you have gained knowledge and abilities through thinking about what you do...


for women in leadership

You might also like to check out the chapter I helped Barbara Workman with...
Ruth Helyer's book about work-based learning

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    The work-based learning student handbook [electronic resource] / edited by Ruth Helyer.
    The work-based learning student handbook [electronic resource] / edited by Ruth Helyer.
    2nd ed.
    London : Palgrave, 2015.
    xvii, 304p. : ill.
    9781137413840 : (ebk : Dawson)
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    Study skills.
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    Helyer, Ruth.
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    Thursday, 27 April 2017

    Saturday, 22 April 2017

    Citing Readers and Harvard style referencing

    Please look on this link for a blog about citing the Readers:

    I sent round a sheet on Harvard style referencing

    also Cite Them Right

     and other sites

    Referencing and plagiarism

    the idea is that ideas you get form other people are 'cited' so quotes and 'paraphrasing' - and then put the source in the Bibliography (which includes references and other idea sources you have looked at for the piece of writing/communication you are doing). 

    Reviewing as a part of drafting

    I just talked to Lizzie who said she had reviewed her Module Handbook - good idea!


    there are tutor blogs (Adesola and mine)

    and peer blogs (I copied these again recently on my blog and on the BAP Professional Practice Arts My Learning My UNiHub space

    on my blog there are:

    3 sessions for Module 1 scroll down to find - they all have slideshares!
    3 sessions for Module 2
    3 sessions for Module 3

    All the forms and handbooks are up on your My Learning on MyUniHub space

    RoL WBS2515 (WBA)
    Module 1 WBS3730 (WBA)
    Module 2 WBS3630 (WBA)
    Module 3 WBS3760 (WBA)

    Thursday, 20 April 2017

    Wednesday, 12 April 2017

    April 10th campus session recap

    Please see the blogs of Amanda, Emma, Jess D. (M1) and Victoria (M3) Eleanor cam by Skype and Taylor came for a bit (M1).

    The Monday campus session 10th April was about thinking through the final writing for each module.
    So looked at samples of writing, had a library session, and then talked about our own writing using the oral – speaking – before writing.

    Formal writing uses structure a bit more to make 'arguments' so to state you point of view - you make key points (propositions) that you then provide examples and evidence for - drawing to a conclusion based on the discussion. The paragraph is used as a unit of thought - so introductory sentence - key points a concluding sentence - is  a essay style. We write in the first person like a report - so not 3rd person- so we use 'I'.

    I sent everyone  the articles we used in the campus session.

    The  Cottrell extract talks about the formal structure of writing and the others are examples of briefer articles about acting – and we talked about who the summary style of writing was to develop positions, arguments, and conclusions in a shorter piece of writing.

    Michelle gave a brief session about searching – e.g. Using the quotation marks to see the Harvard citation - I have sent everyone her handouts.

    I also sent a sheet explaining the Harvard citation method – the university also uses – you can login using your university IT User name and password.

    Sunday, 9 April 2017

    Repeated BAPP Arts Calendar and Draft feedback

    Here is an update - please go to the Handbooks and tutor blogs for advice about your work - remember the drafts that you send to you tutor will receive written feedback (and then oral feedback). You have done some great thinking through ideas on the blogs - don't panic but rather put this 'bank' of knowledge into your drafts  - they are rehearsals to try out your ideas - the tutor feedback will help this process...

    9th WEEK of 10rd April (Monday)

    University closed 14th – 17th Easter Vacation 

    Note: we have Easter this year in the middle of this period – so the University is closed from Friday 14th April (week 9) and the Monday 17th April (week 10)(so tutors will not be working during this period)

    CHANGED to Monday 10th April 1-4pm Campus Session (Paula)
    (some can attend via Skype on the day)
    All campus sessions at our Hendon campus – room CG83 - meet and reception - we have a session with Michelle  –  we will be talking about critical thinking and writing up for assessment - see blogs up for RSVPing

    10th WEEK of 17th April (Monday)                              

    Module 3 The Professional Inquiry Artefacts & Oral Presentation (Adesola) 18th April 7pm Skype. There will be a post  announcing this session on Adesola’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Adesola’s blog.

    11th WEEK of 24th April (Monday)

    12th WEEK of 1st May (Monday) end of study period on Friday 5th May

    First Tuesday ‘Coffee shop’ chat Adesola
    1st May 10am bank holiday
    2nd May 7pm

    Additional WEEK 8th May (Monday)

    Paula available for end of term questions
    Monday 8th May 11am and 7 pm on Skype, email or phone

    BAPP Arts Submission Friday 12th May
    Submission by 11:55/12pm – more information will be up on My Learning about the final submission.

    Oral Presentations (Module 3 ONLY)

    Thursday 18th Friday 19th am and pm slots - Hendon Campus CG83 - Paula will contact Module 3 students about which day their presentation is scheduled. Everyone is welcome (all Modules) to come and support the Module 3 presenters.

    After Submission:

    Continuing Students – marks posted on MyUniHub:

    Monday 19th June 2017 Module Results Published (9 am)
    Monday 29thJune 2017 Progression Results Published (5 pm)
    Monday 30th June 2017 Final Qualification results published (5pm)

    Due dates form the handbooks – note however these can be negotiated - check with your tutor please and negotiate with them about your drafting feedback. We generally ONLY give 1 written feedback and then oral feedback as needed...

    Repeated -  the University is closed from Friday 14th April (week 9) and the Monday 17th April (week 10)(so tutors will not be working during this period) so please take this into account when sending drafts as the Monday in Week 10 is a holiday.

    Module 1

    p. 28 Duration of study time and feedback

    It is possible to send a draft of your critical reflection to your tutors for feedback, you can also ask others to comment on a draft on your blog to help you evaluate and analyse your work. Send a digital draft to your tutors by Week 10 for written feedback (in Week 12 oral feedback only).

    Module 2


    p. 20

    Duration and feedback

    These tasks should be carried out during teaching weeks 7-10 and formative feedback up to end of week 10 via staff Blogs will be given by the academic tutors. Send in drafts to your tutor by the end of Week 10 for written feedback professional inquiry plans.

    p. 19 Outline of the Inquiry Plan

    You also need to submit:
    ·      Your Critical Reflection (500 words) as an Appendix
    ·      Ethics Release form (this may be online this year)
    ·      Employer/Professional Support form
    ·      ALSO your prepared BAPP Arts Informed Consent form
    ·      Award Specialism Title form

    Module 3

    p. 13
    Week 9  Send to tutor drafts of your Critical Review (Introduction, Evaluation, Analysis and Critical Reflection) for written feedback.  Written feedback from tutor continued in Week 10.  The Easter holiday might cause this to be later in some cases...

    Saturday, 8 April 2017

    2016-2017 Spring Blog addresses again

    Please go to the BA Professional Practice Arts (135W99X) on MyLearning for the entire archive of blogs.

    BAPP Arts Blog Addresses SPRING 2016-17

    Please join in the conversations through comments… 

    Other tutor blogs of interest (these might be archived)

    Peter Bryant (former tutor who still writes about topics)
    Alan Durrant (archived blog) 
    Rosemary McGuinness (archived blog)


    Module 1
    Jessica S
    Jessica D 

    to be added to Amy?
    Module 2 
    Alana  new blog 
    Chrissie new blog 
     old blog

    Module 3