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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Oral presentation advice May 2015 - please leave comments!

Hi everyone planning your final presentation. 

Please leave comments and questions to let me know you have seen this!! Thank you!!

There is some information in the handbook - here are a few extracts:

Part 3: Oral Presentation – report that communicates the completed inquiry process including your main arguments and aspects of your critical review and professional artefact.

The campus-based oral presentation is of 10 minutes duration with a 10 minutes Q & A session (exceptionally this can be done at a distance). 

You will need to present a talk that is most likely connected to the use of an audio-visual slideshow (e.g. PowerPoint).  You will then lead a Questions & Answers (Q&A) session for discussions that emerge from your audience.  When possible, it is asked that you participate with peers in their Q&A session, especially relating to the process of the inquiry and concepts that are discussed in the final presentation.

Remember you can send a draft to your adviser for feedback... 

It is also advisable to rehearse your presentation before the day.

Here are some links for thinking about your presentation:

A tool if you want it:
or powerpoint
or another online tool?

Here is some past advice and some examples of blogs with conclusions that might help with your planning - I may add to these as I find a few more!

other ending thoughts...

Friday, 15 May 2015

We are not alone - creative arts in education...

BBC news item:

Call to boost status of arts subjects

Education reporter

"The Creative Industries Federation and the Institution of Civil Engineers have joined forces to call for more students to study both arts and sciences."

"May 2015

Creative Education Agenda Launch

Creative Education Agenda Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Federation's Creative Education Agenda. The agenda was launched today at the Institution of Civil Engineers and aimed to highlight concerns about the narrow focus some schools and policy makers have on science, technology and maths without art, drama, music, design or other similar subjects."