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Thursday, 17 December 2015

critical thinking

A reminder abut Stella Cottrell's books about critical thinking
here are some extracts

also Open University

Along with our own on your MyLearning module page!!!

citing Readers

Readers - the thorny problem of citing them...

if the sources are separate - cites them as separate e.g.

O’Reilly, T. (2006) ‘What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns And Business Models
For The Next Generation Of Software’, Online, Available from:

Best advice is to use Readers like a source  - what we need to know is that the ideas came form somewhere - so talk about the author and what the author said in the sentence - 1998 Ullrich take about the 'architecture of assembly' and then let us know you got that form the Reader somehow (MDXa, 2015) or  (Reader 1, 2015) 

The copyright for the Readers is held by Middlesex University - if there is not authorship - often the organisation is listed as the author - here - you want to label the organisation under the university - Middlesex University (MDX)

Middlesex University a (MDXa ) (2015) Reader 1 BAPP Arts,  London: Middlesex University.
Middlesex University b (MDXb ) (2015) Reader 2 BAPP Arts,  London: Middlesex University.

by putting the abbreviation in the bibliography - you can use the MDX for shorthand in the text and it takes up less work count - if you tell us you are using more than 1 sources from Middlesex using the small a,b,c 


Reader 1 BAPP Arts (2015) Middlesex University, London: Middlesex University

Kayleigh reminded me that I did indicate compilers within the Readers this year - all the readers have over the years had multiple 'author's - so we have 'compiled' these and generally made yearly changes to the content. You could do these 'compilers' like editors or authors...

I put these at the front of each Reader...

Module title: BAPP Arts WBS 3730 (Module 1) Reader 1
Negotiated Work Based Learning Project (for Establishing Professional Practice)
Compiled by Peter Bryant and BAPP Arts Team


Bryant, Peter and BAPP Arts Team (2015) Reader 1 BAPP Arts, Middlesex University, London: Middlesex University.

but as Lisa and I discussed this might take more work count...

it does not matter as long as you are consistent and use citation...

the idea for citation is to indicate where the original ideas came from... and then where you got this ideas from - see my earlier blog on Cite Them Right citation...

Monday, 14 December 2015

Feedback for BAPP Arts

I know everyone is working hard - contact me this week if you need to talk about feedback.

I will bes ending out more emails - if I am you tutor and you have you have not heard from me - please get in touch!

A few links - visualisation - the Open University is usually good

another for the basics - like the stress ball

and Kaplan!-10-Stress-Busters-for-Teachers.aspx

Please save save save and back up you computers today!!!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Module 3 artefacts and presentation advice

A big thanks to everyone who discussed this topic - especially Lisa and Russ!

I hope this slideshare is helpful - I really enjoyed putting this one together. Please comment and ask any questions you might have... good luck to bringing everything together.  Feedback is the next step - so please work with your tutor in this important stage.


Friday, 27 November 2015

Module 2 proposal process link

Please link to Ellie's blog for her explanation of the process of writing up the draft proposal.

4th Dec Module 3 online session

Please note the session for Module 3

4th December (Friday) ONLINE Discussion of past artefacts and oral presentations 

1. We will look at what others have done for the professional artefact - why were they effective? how did they talk about the inquiry?


2. talk about the oral presentation - suggestions and discussion on what to say and how to say it!

Please join us on 

Sessions are scheduled for 11am and at 8pm on the 4th Dec. 

Please RSVP - by commenting on this post that you will be attending.

if several people want to suggest any other times - please let me know...

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Module 1 networking & critical reflection 18.11.15

blogs to look at for Module 1 session:
Alex, Sophie, Linda, Kayleigh, Cassie, Ami, Alice, Laura, Bethany!!!
Here is the slideshare we discussed on the 18/11/15 session...

ADDED BIT - please note the recordings we did at the end of the session! next time I might hide me and just look a the slides - but see what you think (?).


Module 1 online session 3 networking 18.11.15 from Paula Nottingham

The critical reflection is one part of the portfolio- 750-1000 words summarising the learning you have done during this time - synthesising the 3 'parts' about professional practice: communication, refection, networking... The supporting materials include evidence and illustrations form examples you have given in the summary - hyperlinks in the text are good but also choose about 5 examples to put in the appendices. Send a draft of this writing to your tutor for written feedback soon!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Thanks everyone for today's sessions for Module 1! Really good conversations - I will put up slides with notes asap.

Congratulations Lianne!

A warm welcome to Evangeline Lily!

Africarmen at The Place

A quick mention for the performance of Bawren Tavaziva's Africarmen, a dance production that interprets Bizet's Carmen at The Place in London - fantastic performance and wonderful venue - very welcoming.

Monday, 16 November 2015

images that carry meaning

Over the week end on instagram there has been an outpouring of collective images posted
 which show how powerful the image can be for people in certain moments of time.

I am lifelonglearnerldn - this is where I post images.

One image that was sent around was one that symbolised peace.

jean jullien


The original peace symbol was used in 1958.

The peace symbol was a part of growing up in the 60's and 70's. You might have seen it. For me this coincided with that time and place even while it now represents a global audience.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Using images to explore experience

My last Inktober images - my daughter handing out candy to Trick or Treaters and then recast as Count Dracula! we were watching the movie... Drawings can depict and present and are great to try in your journal - write about an experience - and draw it as well.

all the images of the evening - so work you can work in series

Module 1 session Wed 18th Nov

8th WEEK of 16th November

Module 1 Online Session:

Module 1: Part 3: The Networked Professional

Wednesday 18th of November at 1pm (for people who cannot do the evening session)
at 8pm Wednesday 18th November

Please come prepared with questions and comments about networking and communities of practice.  There are some ideas in Reader 3, and you might want to bring more to discuss! Make sure to get the reading form the Reading list form the My Learning module site. If you have not had time - attending might help you find out where you are in your thinking - so come one and come all!

Please let mw know who to expect by putting your name in the comments of this blog. If you need another time – please put that in the comments…

THIS session will be online in the new BAPP Arts Meeting Room space and join this url.
(headphones are good for feedback)

I will have my Skype ready if this space does not work out for discussion.

I will try to audio tape a bit of this session – so summarising the session on audio to share with others. (Lara our student re has reminded me to try to do this again!!!- as Dani has done in the past - so will leave a space for this!!).

20 Nov campus session ALL Modules

8th WEEK of 16th November

Announcing ALL Module campus session (Friday) 20th November 1- 4 pm.

Come to the Main Reception and I will come and get you. Call or Text 07799033978 if you are running late on the day.

We are in a room in the main College building at Hendon but we need my keycard to access.

The theme of the session will be:

The inquiry process: thinking about how to engage with the beginning, middle and ending.

We will look at thinking creatively.
We will look at project planning for the inquiry and beyond.
We will look at how you can set goals and achieve them.

Please everyone bring your own ideas to the table!!! If you have a process or author or idea that can help others plan and do creatively – bring these to share in this session!!

The ideas could come from performance – e.g. improvisation - any good exercises you use to develop this skill?

Visual arts? drawing? use of imagery?

The concept of flow? Homage to Daisuke...

Come with whatever you have – to be shared on the blogs and YouTube if we can film a bit to share!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Rescheduled Module 3 online session

As promised a rescheduled meeting for anyone on Module 3 that can come!!!

I will be online tonight 12th November Thursday at 8pm and tomorrow night Friday 13th November at 7pm for Module 3 (so 2 for the price of one) - sign up here or just come - Skype or email or phone if you want to contact me and are having problems joining!!!!!

Visit me on the BAPP Arts Meeting Room

ALL welcome!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Adesola's London premiere of 'Light Steps'

I just wanted to say how much I and my daughter enjoyed the London premiere of 'Light Steps' that Adesola and her team created for audiences of all ages, performed at Stratford Circus.  We went to the 3pm showing. Thank you for sharing it on your blog Adesola!

The performance was enchanting and inclusive - children and adults were invited to enter into the 'day in the life of' three dancers and an intriguing rag-doll that could clap! Props included a light (the sun) that moved with the time and projected differing colours, scarves that became blankets and waves in turn, a small air plane that entered into the audience through a dancer's movements, and ribbons that twirled and were given to all in an onstage crescendo where the audience took part and celebrated the day. The three dancers and on-stage musician were well chosen - the pastel outfits on the London stage added to the other world feeling, their smiles and engagement were genuine, welcoming, and gentle. We could not help smiling back and enjoying this sea of calm. 

The performance is explained more on the Stratford Circus website:

Choreography & Direction Adesola Akinleye
Assistant Choreographer Kat Leung
Costume and Sceneography Shelby Newport
Assistant Designer Bridget Burge
Composer and Musician Jacob Shirley
Dancers Alice Cade, Anna-Kay Gayle, Irisz Galuska


Friday, 30 October 2015

the end of the week

It is a good question for those working round the clock - when does you week end?

Studying while working is hard and the time goes quickly during the study period - almost like it is accelerated...

Take a deep breadth - chill for a few minutes as time allows - make some lists if there is enough energy in you hand to scrawl some words.

It is hard to get sense of the movement on the course unless you take a pause - so thinking of fast moving cliches...
or the ones about roller coasters...

and then think of some positive images!!  We were talking about these this week in some of the discussions... there are some great new photos going up on Flickr!

So a few more to add to these

This one caught my eye - love the vibrancy colour and of the frightening expanse of the 'leap'.
Richard Branson's site!

Everyone - I hope you have some 'end of the week' time this week whenever you schedule permits!

Module 3 thinking creatively about it all

The other night was not a good time for anyone so let's reschedule - you can comment on this blog or the one announcing the session to suggest some dates and times and I will get back to everyone!

Here are some slides that I have revisited that might help you in your process for the inquiry...

This is a long slideshare - packed with advice - but you might want to look at the place where you are now and then return to other aspects - think of a movie you watch in chapters or browse through like netflix - everyone is at slightly different stages.

It will be here for you when you need it!
4 main points
1. work creatively- this is your practice
2. depending on what stage you are -(refer to the arrow diagram) you can star writing up you critical review
3. your analysis depends on what you did for your practitioner research - but what did your find out? and how did that relate to your inquiry questions?
4. there artefact - you might be able to start planning how you will communicate your inquiry to your professional audience /community of practice now

Please add other questions in the comments!!!

Here are a few blogs to note:

Reflections on Working Collaboratively Using Social Media
Reviewing literature
Using Literature to Define my Progression
Celebrtae Difference