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Thursday, 17 December 2015

critical thinking

A reminder abut Stella Cottrell's books about critical thinking
here are some extracts

also Open University

Along with our own on your MyLearning module page!!!

citing Readers

Readers - the thorny problem of citing them...

if the sources are separate - cites them as separate e.g.

O’Reilly, T. (2006) ‘What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns And Business Models
For The Next Generation Of Software’, Online, Available from:

Best advice is to use Readers like a source  - what we need to know is that the ideas came form somewhere - so talk about the author and what the author said in the sentence - 1998 Ullrich take about the 'architecture of assembly' and then let us know you got that form the Reader somehow (MDXa, 2015) or  (Reader 1, 2015) 

The copyright for the Readers is held by Middlesex University - if there is not authorship - often the organisation is listed as the author - here - you want to label the organisation under the university - Middlesex University (MDX)

Middlesex University a (MDXa ) (2015) Reader 1 BAPP Arts,  London: Middlesex University.
Middlesex University b (MDXb ) (2015) Reader 2 BAPP Arts,  London: Middlesex University.

by putting the abbreviation in the bibliography - you can use the MDX for shorthand in the text and it takes up less work count - if you tell us you are using more than 1 sources from Middlesex using the small a,b,c 


Reader 1 BAPP Arts (2015) Middlesex University, London: Middlesex University

Kayleigh reminded me that I did indicate compilers within the Readers this year - all the readers have over the years had multiple 'author's - so we have 'compiled' these and generally made yearly changes to the content. You could do these 'compilers' like editors or authors...

I put these at the front of each Reader...

Module title: BAPP Arts WBS 3730 (Module 1) Reader 1
Negotiated Work Based Learning Project (for Establishing Professional Practice)
Compiled by Peter Bryant and BAPP Arts Team


Bryant, Peter and BAPP Arts Team (2015) Reader 1 BAPP Arts, Middlesex University, London: Middlesex University.

but as Lisa and I discussed this might take more work count...

it does not matter as long as you are consistent and use citation...

the idea for citation is to indicate where the original ideas came from... and then where you got this ideas from - see my earlier blog on Cite Them Right citation...

Monday, 14 December 2015

Feedback for BAPP Arts

I know everyone is working hard - contact me this week if you need to talk about feedback.

I will bes ending out more emails - if I am you tutor and you have you have not heard from me - please get in touch!

A few links - visualisation - the Open University is usually good

another for the basics - like the stress ball

and Kaplan!-10-Stress-Busters-for-Teachers.aspx

Please save save save and back up you computers today!!!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Module 3 artefacts and presentation advice

A big thanks to everyone who discussed this topic - especially Lisa and Russ!

I hope this slideshare is helpful - I really enjoyed putting this one together. Please comment and ask any questions you might have... good luck to bringing everything together.  Feedback is the next step - so please work with your tutor in this important stage.