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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Action research and action learning -

In the resources and the set up of the course we talk about special interest groups or SIGS.

1. Action Research 

Links to the idea of insider research (Costley et al) which we use on the professional inquiry - many have used these notions in research for the arts (related to the arts-based research conversations). Other research projects that are in the journals might be of interest to you for your practitioner research/inquiry.

The Infed includes a classic definition:

Action research is simply a form of self-reflective enquiry undertaken by participants in social situations in order to improve the rationality and justice of their own practices, their understanding of these practices, and the situations in which the practices are carried out (Carr and Kemmis 1986: 162).

a few other sites
in the arts - I followed these key words to MDX library - remember you can use Summon or look up a journal from the Ejournals on the MDX library... e.g. 'Research in Dance Education'- then you cn search within the journal.

By: Giguere, Miriam. Research in Dance Education. Apr2015, Vol. 16 Issue 1, p16-32. 17p. DOI: 10.1080/14647893.2014.971231.

By: HENDERSON, CLARE; FRASER, DEBORAH; CHEESMAN, SUE; TYSON, SHIRLEY. Waikato Journal of Education. 2007, Vol. 13, p243-252. 10p. 2 Color Photographs.

By: Schwartz, Peggy. JOPERD: The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. May/Jun2000, Vol. 71 Issue 5, p42. 5p. 2 Black and White Photographs.

By: Tsouvala, Maria; Magos, Kostas. Research in Dance Education. Apr2016, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p28-41. 14p. DOI: 10.1080/14647893.2016.1139077.

2. Action learning - something that could be incorporated into the ideas for SIGs?

You could think of the special interest group as a form of the action learning set even through many on BAPP Arts are freelance or work in different organisations - similar ideas might apply ..

Here are some links about action learning. It is about people getting together in a 'set' to discuss problems/issues that need solutions embedded in the context - so not something handed down through theory...

Revans was a main 'inventor' and based his ideas in organisational studies.

here is Revans explaining the concept in terms of the 'set'

here is the idea in coaching...

AND again in the arts:

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

This publication sets out the Welsh Government's strategic objectives for creative learning through the arts in Wales from 2015 to 2020. Action required. None.

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