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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Campus Session 3 slides for Module 3


  1. Thanks for posting this Paula - it was really thought provoking to follow the links to other blogs like Corinda and Liam and see examples of artefacts. I am still feeling a bit hampered by the fact that I cannot name or use the voice/image of my participants - I would love to do something in a documentary style but sadly anonymity makes this impossible...frustrating!

    I'm currently thinking about the idea of designing a talk or workshop that could be done at places like The Actor's Centre - a training centre for actors in Covent Garden. I wondered if our artefact took this kind of form - would it be enough to plan and write the script for a talk, or would we actually need to 'do' it and film ourselves giving the talk? I'm trying to think realistically within the time-frame, as it's not easy to spend time advertising a talk and finding a venue etc.

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for this post, when I feel overwhelmed it is good to go and look at this breakdown of the sections of the 6000 wds. I too like Stephanie feel a little hampered by the anonymity of my interviewees. However I have decided that a quotation book from them all ( anonymous quotes from jobbing actors) might be of use as a handbook. Id like it to be stylish and very concise. I have a few great ones already and I don't think it loses its weight without a name . I believe it actually is more interesting knowing the value of quotes from actors who aren't necessarily famous but well known and very respected and who make a good living from it . what do you think?

  3. Thanks Paula, this is most helpful! Breaking all the work down into sections makes it a less complicated and overwhelming! I am unable to attend the campus sessions which is somewhat frustrating so I really appreciate the advice you post!

    Many thanks!

  4. Stephanie - the planning should be sufficient as a work in progress - you can use the profile of individuals to give a flavour of who said things just so that it can't be traced back to individuals - or use their generic roles to describe. Quotation book and value interesting idea - yes benefits of both. Kelly sorry about that - have you been able to skype others - Adesola is dong some drop in sessions and I am happy to host a few of these myself after Easter - can you call others in hors you can chat? I can't give people's phone numbers etc out - but if you have a skype address you can write it up here and let others know - then others can add you - me too! Bobbie has a FB going... Bobblie Pingram from Module 2 - details up on her blog. or My FB.