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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Download Word from My UniHub

Here is the link for Office 365 

From this link click on to university email and then sign in  and then go onto OneDrive - then go on aps - Word - and download when says start

this is the link to download Office 365 for you as a student

I was talking with Amelia who is on a Mac - so she downloaded this - but you may need to be in Firefox for the UniHub (Mac users have Safari but it sometimes does not work as well).

Thanks Amelia for these directions!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Martha Graham and critical thinking

Just linked about this from Hannah's blog\ - it is ways good to see practitioner's such as Graham explaining what they do.
thanks Hannah!

that is really a clue to critical thinking

where is the next Martha Graham

or Grahma and feminism

it is thinking about things - using ides/concepts/theories

the shorthand for this way of putting 2 and 2 together is critical thinking

plenty more out there - add them in the moments if  you find a good one...
or know the next Martha Graham!

links to study support frmo MDX

Hi everyone - 2 good days for follow-up tutorials next week

Hi everyone Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th December are good days to contact me for half hour tutorials after feedback!

I will be working up to the 20th Dec this year - so let me know how I can help.  I am also around other days - so please send me an email.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Secondary referencing on Cite Them Right

Arts in education - a quick google

I am looking at people's work and looking up sources is key to finding the ideas you need.

use key words for searches - look at my blogs for 'looking for love' and 'online shopping' about search and review - and for M3 the Dinner Party...

below I have googled using key words:

arts in education
the importance of performing arts in education
drama in education

a report and literature review
Impact of arts education on the cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of school-aged children
A review of evidence
Beng Huat See and Dimitra Kokotsaki Durham University

a literature review

Arts in education
and creativity:
a literature review
2nd Edition

Based on a presentation delivered on November 23rd, 2012 at the 7th Athens international conference “Theatre/drama & education: bonds of solidarity” ..

The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) is a professional association and an independent trade union. Follow this link for general membership information and details of how to join online


A link to advice on citing Readers

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Online shopping - search and review of literature

Thornberry on Andrew Marr

Emily Thornberry on Brexit and Fidel Castro

Andrew Marr spoke to Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry.

Release date: 


11 minutes

Thornberry - asks "What is the definition of a worker?" for the EU and what the freedom of movement of workers really means... also link the economy to skills

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Drafts into Paula for feedback - commenting on blogs

Good luck everyone on the drafting process - for those who have me as tutor - it is coming that time to send me a copy of your draft for written comments - then I like to have a tutorial if possible to discuss the feedback.

We cannot go to each blog for comments but I am swinging around for my 3rd time now.
Can everyone else please visit others blogs leave comments as we go into the home stretch.
The schedule is on this blog as well...

All the blog addresses are at this link on my blog

SCHEUDLE for submission 6th January 2017

Friday, 25 November 2016

Module 2 slides for Session 3 24.11.16 and 25.11.16

We had some very good discussions for this planning module - sorry the slides are so long - take what you need!

I am thinking about apple pie - so combined this with the idea that you only need a slice for the inquiry - so take on a topic that you can do during Module 3. Preparation is key!

Please see the blogs of Lois-May, Laura, Lizzie, Victoria, Lawrence, Ben, Megan, Lauren, Chloe and Kristina!!!

Added link:

Final Module 2 WBS 3630 24.11.16 from Paula Nottingham

FYI you can download slides at any time form Slideshare 

Module 2 drafts - Week 10 for Paula

DRAFT for Moude 2 are due for Paula as per the Handbook:

This is repeated for the Handbook:

Module 2

Duration and feedback

These tasks should be carried out during teaching weeks 7-10 and formative feedback up to end of week 10 via staff Blogs will be given by the academic tutors.  (also as emails)  Send in drafts to your tutor by the end of Week 10 for written feedback professional inquiry plans.

Outline of the Inquiry Plan

You also need to submit: 
·      Your Critical Reflection (500 words) as an Appendix

·      Ethics Release form (this may be online this year)

·      Employer/Professional Support form

·      Award Specialism Title form 
ALSO  you can mock up your BAPP Arts Consent and your Information sheet for your inquiry - all the forms are up on My Learning - send drafts in when you sen drafts to your tutor!


RSVP Module 3 follow-up discussion artefact/oral presentation

Adesola has a session tonight for Module 3 at 8pm for the Artefact and oral presentation (sign up on her blog) so I would recommend attending this session!

This was a follow-up session for next week - please let me know if anyone needs a day session on Friday or Wed.

Module 3: Discussion of previous artefacts/ oral presentations (Paula)
FRIDAY 2nd December 8pm join this url. 
RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion.

thanks Charnelle for the day clarification - it is scheduled for Friday the 2nd December - tell me if people need a daytime session please?

Monday, 21 November 2016

Sunday, 20 November 2016

All modules: blogs and drafts due dates for feedback

I have this week as week 9 of the BAPP Arts 12 weeks.

I will swing around the blogs this Friday. I hope to speak to M1 on Monday and M2 Thursday or Friday during the sessions (see other blogs for times).

M3 I am working on slides for next week but send me an email with any updates please!
Don't forget the literature!!! LOOK AT the slideshasre I have put up previosuly this study period.

Check when drafts are due - negotiation is useful depending on your circumstances - we like to do all written feedback before the university Xmas break. If I am you tutor send me an email or call or Skype me.

I need to get you back your area drafts and you need to start the essay and send that to me.

Module 1

Duration of study time and feedback

Teaching weeks 7 - 9
Formative feedback up to week 9 via tutor and student blogs.  Send draft versions of ‘Critical Reflection’ to your academic tutor by the end of Week 9 for formative written feedback.

or week 10 if you are still working on this - slideshares will be going up this week so you may need a bit more time...

 Module 2


Duration and feedback

These tasks should be carried out during teaching weeks 7-10 and formative feedback up to end of week 10 via staff Blogs will be given by the academic tutors.  (also as emails)  Send in drafts to your tutor by the end of Week 10 for written feedback professional inquiry plans.

Outline of the Inquiry Plan

Use the following headings in bold for your inquiry plan and discuss:

·      Title of the Professional Inquiry (a working title of your inquiry)

·      Context of the Inquiry (what is your professional practice and why is this inquiry meaningful to you within your professional practice)

·      Aims / Objectives (Aims: what outcomes do you plan to achieve; Objectives: what are you are actually going to do in the inquiry/possible outcomes?)

·      Rationale and Inquiry Question(s) (what are you trying to find out more about and how will this improve your practice)

·      Literature, art work and Ideas (What are the existing ideas, discussions and thoughts about the area or topic of your inquiry?)

·      Inquiry tools & Ethical consent/permissions (What data collecting tools will you use and why? use your experience piloting inquiry tool to explain why you think these are appropriate. Explanations should relate to the Ethic Release form and Employer/Professional Support forms you will submit about your inquiry)

·      Approach to analysis (how will you think through the information you will collect in the inquiry. That is how will you find a relationship or draw conclusions between the existing ideas, your experience and data you collect)

·      Resources (What are the resources needed to carry out the inquiry)

·      Schedule of activities

·      Conclusion (overview of the whole inquiry – who, what, why and when)

You also need to submit:

·      Your Critical Reflection (500 words) as an Appendix

·      Ethics Release form (this may be online this year)

·      Employer/Professional Support form

·      Award Specialism Title form 

ALSO  you can mock up your BAPP Arts Consent and your Information sheet for your inquiry - all the forms are up on My Learning - send drafts in when you sen drafts to your tutor!


Module 3

I also like to get drafts of the artefact planning as well if I am your tutor.

Week 9
Send to tutor drafts of your Critical Review (Introduction, Evaluation, Analysis and Critical Reflection) for written feedback.  Written feedback from tutor continued in Week 10. Blog.

Week 10
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback.   Blog.

Week 11
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback (i.e. artefact).

Week 12
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback (tutors do not give written feedback in the final week). Continue to blog about learning and oral presentation, ending with a final summary blog.

Friday, 18 November 2016

URGENT new dates for Module 2 Session 3 - RSVP

Apologies everyone - something has come up and I need to change the Tuesday 22nd November.

I need to reschedule this session and can do extra time to address the change.

I can now host sessions about the tools and planning:

Thursday 24th 8pm
Friday 25th at 12noon.
Can everyone RSVP in the comments? 

(if the 8pm time is not good - please let me know if Wed 8pm or Friday 8pm are better.)

WE will start on the adobe connect You will need headphones to use this system
Session 3: ONLINE BAPP Arts Meeting Room join this url.

 – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion. I can share my screen on Skype - if that is what people prefer (I will be on skype and email for contact)

so have you Skype updated so you can do group calls please!!

See you there - very helpful for a talk about what you need to do for Module 2.

Monday 21st November Module 1 Part 3 RSVP sign up

9th WEEK of 21st November
Module 1: Part 3: The Networked Professional (Paula)
Monday 21st November 8pm, Session 3: ONLINE BAPP Arts Meeting Room join this url. 

Please RSVP in the comments to let me know you are coming!

You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion. Please have you Skype up to date for a group session! 

Thank you everyone!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Arts-based research Campus Session 11th November

Arts-based Research

This campus session the theme was abut using art-based research for BAPP Arts - connecting with previous studies but also using a wider brief of arts-related sources and ideas to think about planning and doing the inquiry (ideas for this can begin in Module 1). I brought in a variety of sources as examples.

Please look at the blogs for Lizzie (M2) Charnelle (M3) Tom  (M3) Lily (M3) Victoria (M2) and on skype Taz (M2) Megan (M2) and Lucy (M1).

Added links

Leavy's definition of arts-based research:

Arts-based research practices area a set of methodological tools used by researched across disciplines during all phases of social research , including data generation, analysis , interpretation , and representation . These emerging tools adapt the tenets of the creative arts in order to address social research questions in holistic and engaged ways in which theory ad practice are intertwined. Arts-based practices draw on literary writing, music, dance, performance, visual art, film and other mediums. Representational forms include by are not limited to short stories., novels, experimental writing forms, graphic novels, comics, poems. parables, collages, paintings, drawings sculpture, 3-D art , quilts and needlework, performance scripts, theatrical performances, dances, films, and songs and musical scores (2015, p. 4).

Leavy also explains that transdisciplinarity in the Essentials of Trandisciplinary Research (2011) - this is not unrelated to arts-based research but perhaps extends how research and scholarship might benefits others. Lizzie found this paragraph particularly helpful...

What is Transdisciplinarity?
Transdisciplinarity is an approach to conducting social reserach that involves synergistic collaboration beween two or more disciplines with high levels of integration between the disciplinary sets of knowledge. Transdsiciplinary research practices are issue-or problem-centred and prioritize the problem at the centre of the research over discipline -specific concerns, theories or methods. Transdisciplinary resarch is responsive to (public) needs. Methodologically, transdisiplainrity research follows responsive or iterative methodologies and requires innovations, creativity, and flexibility and often employs participatory research design strategies. Transdisiplinarity has the potential to greatly enhance public scholarship.

I also introduced a source from media research.
In1964 Marsahll McLuhan wrote about the 'medium is the message' talking about things like the new cultural environment invented by television and our awareness in negotiating this environments - think media and the latest televised political campaigns...

We talked about the putting the knowledge into a current context - I described a story recenlty told to bme about the success of the recent production of Sweeney Todd that went from the Tooting Arts Centre to the West End and now Broadway.


We also talked about how arts-based research could relate to social and cultural critiques using activism - e.g. stereotyping, scapegoating, politics (local, national and international).

Ideas from cultural criticism should not be used to prove something - but to understand the world in which we live and the the context for the coursework on BAPP Arts and did a few collective mind maps.


see link ont he BAPPMDX Youtube

other sources on the day - sorry - will tidy these up later if I can...
--> -->

Patricia Leavy 2015 Method Meets Art
The Essentials of Transdisicplinary Reserah
Patricia Leavy

Mendelowitz drawing- use drawing for reflective practice!

The Theory of the Avant-garde Renatol Poggiolit- inventing new art - think of your generation

Fit to dance Dance UK
how to conduct how to conduct a practice based study problems and methods Silvia Gherhardi
Merleau-ponty phenomenology and perception 1962 2002 translated by Colin Smith (Adesola introduced in our research for artefacts)

The diary of Frida Kahlo in intimate self-portrait Sarah M Lowe 1995

Being a dancer advice from dancers and choreographers Lyndsey Winship

Tharp, Twyla (2003)
The Creative Habit Learn It and Use It for Life

AMANS, D., 2013. Age and dancing: older people and community dance practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

AMANS, D., 2008. An introduction to community dance practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

PAYNE, H., 2006. Dance Movement Therapy. 2nd ed. edn. GB: Routledge Ltd.

Acting Through Song: Techniques and Exercises for Musical-Theatre Actors Paperback – 17 Jan 2013

Acting in Musical Theatre: A Comprehensive Course Paperback – 29 Oct 2015
You are here: Creating Musical Theatre

Creating musical theatre: conversations with Broadway directors and choreographers
Author: Lyn Cramer. Pages: 305 Publisher: Bloomsbury Us
Published: Jul 18, 2013

Metaphysics in Motion Sandra Fraleigh researching dance evolving modes of the enquiry edited by Sandra Haughton Fraleigh and Penelope Hanstein

Marshall McLuhan understanding media the extensions of man 1964
The art of dance in education Jacqueline Emma Smith-Autard but Second edition 2002 

ways are seeing John Berger BBC 1972

Native writers voices and power Kim SigafusLyle Earnst2012

Hegerty, John On creativity there are no rules Thames and Hudson

Tom's sources that Paula has now bought!
The actor and the target Declan Donnelan Second addition 2005
 the world and artists journal pages curated by Dawn Devries Sokol 2015

The cinema of Mike Leigh a sense of the real 2004 Gary Watson - a director with a difference