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Monday, 29 September 2014

Starting to blog again - good to see

I must admit I am a bit overwhelmed with the first day of the study period and see that many have new blogs up . I will be going around this week and I encourage everyone to do the same!

Remember you can access the blogs outside of the system by going to

The best way to start conversations again - go to others blogs and comment!!

Tim Berners-Lee has some points about privacy - Module 1- any comments?

Hitting the news stand again - looking at security and privacy on the web - I wonder if a bio of rights would work?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Box of Broadcasts and the BBC - sources for ideas

At the library session yesterday we talked about using audiovisual sources for information.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) in a new online Middlesex Library feature that you can access via the Library (go tot he catalogue and look up Box of Broadcasts - and there are links in some of the Readings Lists). It has online video materials from the BBC that you can watch and you can requests taping of shows for your university work.

I also like to look at the news for ideas -  the BBC is a good source.

social media and the theatre article

gender equality on the stage in Sheffield

another one on gender

the lion king - longevity and change
I saw this topic also discussed on the news - Disney does not think the production needs to be updated for audiences

also archived info related to iPlayer on the National Theatre

and more on the arts

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Economics and acting

Interesting article with ideas for contextualising professional engagement in acting...

By the way this is an interesting one to research - using key words 'economics and acting' - the issues bring up race as well as class...

but this is a way into the issue but to develop any 'arguments' there would need to be an analysis of the experts - so literature - to inform the thinking.

The issues of acting training and taking up the professional is a large - so that again might need to be refined...

Any suggestions on how what aspects might be developed?

Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome back everyone

Just letting everyone know I am back in the office and putting information together to email and post to everyone for the new academic year 2014-15!

I had a great holiday seeing family in Illinois and got to see Chicago briefly. I have also put together some research ideas that I will be getting on with this year... the break has helped to clear my head so I hope everyone was able to have some holiday some time during the summer. I have also just gotten involved in Second Floor Studios as a practitioner - - I will have to watch my time this year!!!

I have now changed offices from The Grove building. I am now in the College House at the University- I am not quite sure where yet - but I will keep you posted. The office address is C248.

Adesola and I are looking forward to working with everyone - it was great to see people in their gowns for graduation. I am going to both my daughters' graduations next week -  History of Art (Visual Studies) and Media and Communications (specialism Illustration) - incredible!

We have a few Inductions coming up - and people are already starting to get in touch - so phone or Skype. I will try to put schedules up asap.

Dance event - the Elixir Festival - with Anne Donnelly and Chris Bannerman at Sadler's Wells

Update Sunday 14th September

The performances at Knowbody were spectacular - really relevant to hw dance can be a lifelong pursuit. Words that came to mind were "profoundly funny' and 'intimate' and 'silly purity'. Sitting down next to a younger dance student/performer who said he said as a joke that at first he was a bit worried at first that the older performers might be more inclined to injury - I said I was not a dancer but was there from Middlesex University where some of the dancers were academic staff - and he said he understood and that I was there to learn about "the knowledge of dance" which was a fantastic way to put it. More later...

Performance Times

Fri & Sat at 7.30pm