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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flexible learning

Workshop ideas for using Web 2.0.

Gather with colleagues...

Discuss your own use of technologies with the group:

How would you apply using these technologies in your institution/professional practice?
What are the limitations of Web 2.0 principles?
Successes - can you share your own or ones you have experienced?


Who is in your networks?
How do they operate?

Can you map them? with a very very quick mind map...


Choose an audience to communicate with - words/pictures/audio-visual...

Write a new blog or twitter (140 characters) for a target audience of your choice.  This could be on your laptop or paper...

You may want to :

  • explain 
  • celebrate
  • inform
  • prompt
  • promote
  • share something new
  • engage with topical issue 
  • add photos, drawings or diagrams (think about copyright issues for images and words)
  • add links or audiovisual 

What have your discovered doing this exercise?

Share with the wider workshop aspects of your discussions or a new blog with the workshop participants.

Thanks for taking part!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Congratulations to all Graduates and their Families

Congratulation to all Finalists who completed their studies in 2013! I hope to meet and greet as many as possible for today's ceremonies. however, if you could not make it today, we will have you in our thoughts.

I will try to send an email out later to all.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

White Desert Productions' The Taming of the Shrew

I was able to go to The White Desert Productions' The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare on Friday night 5th of July 2013. White Desert Productions is the resident theatre company of the London Welsh Centre and Lisa Whyte focused on the company for some of her BAPP Arts studies . Tickets were easy to purchase as well and everything online (publicity) makes sense and is easy to access. Also the way that the theatre company is relating to its role within the Welsh Centre is one that you might want to follow. I had not been there before, but certainly would think about going again for other activities/events as it is a supporter of the arts.  Please visit the site and join the Twitter feed's production was also seriously affordable for a theatre audience. My new local theatre, The Brockley Jack,  is another one that I hope to go to soon.

So here is a call to everyone to support your local theatre!

This production of The Taming of the Shrew retained the original dialogue that can be a challenge for a modern audience. The discussion I had on the way out with my two daughters (aged 20) was not only how lively, funny, and convincing the scenes were (well cast) but how theatre productions can choose to deviate from a script or remain true to the play's ending as in this production. To add to the discussion the production, directed by David Evans, chose to add male-female casting changes so main characters like Tranio were not so gender specific (played by Aimee Hislop). The two sisters as the main characters of Bianca (Lisa/Elise) and Catherine (Seren Whyte) added to the realism and provocative nature of Shakespeare sibling diversity! There was real (theatrical) shouting and acrimony! and the use of the office chairs as areas of torture was extra funny for those of us who have to work in them... without the silver tape. Real kissing too (Lisa and Tim McFarland/Lucentio). My daughters and I also enjoyed the mix of accents and the american flavour of the remarks, Paul as Hortensio as the music teacher, was a favourite. Ben Margalith had a mammoth task as Petruchio and Niki Hatzidis as Grumio. and Chris Walters  was completely convincing as the older Gremio. All the ensemble did well.

The next show is Under Milkwood on the 19th of October and I hope to book tickets as the poem is a favourite and one I look forward to seeing it staged.