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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Getting started again on studies

Academic advisees and everyone

The surf is up for the new year, and we are all running to ride the waves. I think I need to get my board first and my wetsuit if this is england. It might be worth checking the when the tide is... oh no I missed the wave - typical. Well, that is what experience is about. I will catch the next one and be prepared for it.

I have now sent out to everyone on my list a welcome email and I hope that it makes some degree of sense. This week is the time to read everything through if you have not already, and connect back with me at whatever stage you are in the process. We had a number of late applicants who are still being processed and we have people trying to complete their final inquiry or project, so there is a range.

Remember to put links to blogs on your Google Reader as it helps following those that are unread. Also - check to see if you have ticked the box to allow public comments...

I will try to catch up with everyone who sends me updates by the end of the week - I need to do some planning for the first campus session of 3760 (Module 3).

Several people have blogged about induction , i.e. Michelle Yarwood, and Liam is already of the tasks so he is a bit ahead. We have a number of people who are not based in the UK right now. i.e. Victoria Ellingham is in Canada.

From the continuing folks: Amal I just saw your blogs up, Amal is in the Sept 2009 blogs, Emma Balaam is posting about her inquiry as is Mark Iles and others.

Glad to have almost everyone back - the Web2.0 fun comes from the collective.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grief at the National

Grief at the National.... I have not been to this yet but Mike Leigh's process is an interesting one and well knownin British film and theatre.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Welcome back everyone

Right - we are back in the office - I passed in my thesis in August! and 2 individuals in my household are going to university this semester.

We are working on the enrolment procedures and will put all the information up on BAPP Libguide.

More later...