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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Info about the next module WBS3835

This week we have finishing up looking at all the work you have done as well as the people in the other modules, for me the people who were completing their final projects. Presentations were yesterday by phone or in person. There were some very good projects done that we will mention in the next module, because the next module has a lot in it about preparing for the final project (and the title of the degree!).

Avni should be sending out to you shortly, including a diary of the module events, an overview sheet that will accompany the Module Handbook. Even though the whole team will be doing planning and Blogs etc. with you from time to time, the main folks on this module witll be myself (Paula), Rosemary McGuinness and Peter Bryant. We are all looking forward to starting the week of 15th of Feb -the first campus workshop should be on the 16th of Feb (refer to the diary you will be getting) - ALSO we will put everything we do at these sessions up on the blogs etc. so everyone can get to the information. We will be encouraging ALL those who can attend the campus workshops to attend.

Please pass this on if you read this Blog - comment and leave questions...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dyslexia support for anybody again

Dyslexia Support

What support is there for dyslexic students?
We offer a comprehensive range of services and facilities to support the efforts of students at the University:
Initial Screening:
Students who feel they may be dyslexic can contact us by email at or by phone on 020 8411 6073
Psychological Assessment:
Where a screening interview suggests the likelihood of a specific learning difficulty, students may be referred to a psychologist for a full cognitive assessment. The assessment takes about 2 hours and involves a battery of tests that are designed to assess whether a person has dyslexia or dyspraxia. The students find the experience an enjoyable and informative one.

You will receive a report from the Educational Psychologist about two weeks after the assessment. If this establishes dyslexia/dyspraxia, or any other SpLD you must send a copy of the report to your Local authority (or NHS) with the DSA forms.
An Assessment of Needs:
Where dyslexia has been established by a cognitive assessment, the next step is an Assessment of Needs. These are carried out by the Disability Support Service (020 8411 5366) More...

Individual Learning Support:
Individual support sessions are conducted by a tutor specially trained to provide dyslexic adults with a structured approach to a full range of academic tasks. Also, 'in house' tutorials are offered whenever possible for students who do not receive funding.
Group Workshops:
A pre-semester week-long bridging course is offered for all new students. Inter-semester study skills courses are available for all dyslexic students. Drop-in sessions operate during the teaching semester.
Exam Workshops
These are run near the end of the semester according to demand
Assisstive Technology Training:
Individual tutorials in the use of dyslexia related software, normally conducted on students' own system. More...
Special Arrangements for Examinations:
There is a range of facilities available and it is the student's responsibility to request them, in advance, each time examinations are due. More...
Memos to Assessors:
This memo can be obtained from the Disability Support Service or Vivien Fraser. It is used as an insert to all written work submitted for assessment and aims to avoid accusations of carelessness.
Ongoing advice:
There is advice available on dyslexia related issues all year round
For more information, call::

Carly Baker
Tel/Fax: 020 8411 6073
Services and Facilities

Dyslexia - A Guide for Staff
Assessment Guidelines
Dyslexic music students

Speaker at Trent Park

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Maria Shevtsova (Professor of Drama and Theatre Arts, Director of
Research, Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Title: A Trajectory for the Sociology of Theatre and Performance
Venue; Orangery, Trent Part
Time: 4.30pm-6pm

This presentation concerns Prof Shevtsova's development of the sociology
of theatre and performance as a distinct interdisciplinary trajectory
and/or composite 'discipline'. An introduction to her ongoing research
and its methodologies involves some discussion of the key concepts -
i.e. 'Field', 'Habitus', 'Art' and 'Incarnation' - and how they may be
appropriated, critically placed and extended for the study of theatre
and performance, not least dance. These foundational reflections lead to
observations on the current direction of her thinking in respect of the
formation of social-artistic groups and groupings. The focus here is the
emergence of the studio/laboratory theatre in Russia at the beginning of
the twentieth century and its various synergetic manifestations as group
practice at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the

Monday, 18 January 2010

A few words and signposts (other places to go).

I will take this opportunity to signpost you to Adesola's blogsite - interesting info about literature that begins to get the mood of the next module. My own research these days is about work-based learning. I will try to put something together about the topic and the ways it might relate to the creative and cultural industries. I am currently getting info together about action learning sets as ways of helping with the stuff we are doing at MDX.

Also Murat's most recent Blog is very telling about the professional practice that is a fact of life for a performer - rehearsals and shows - a break - and then the same again. How does your professional practice relate? Might as well put some bits about what yo are doing up on blogs during this period of relative calm - and signpost to any other good professional sites that might be good to look at.



Thursday, 14 January 2010

Our next module - Project Planning and Development

Sorry everyone I have been answering info via comments but not on the main post...

Our next BAPP Module will officilaly start on the 15th of Feb and we will be sending out information about it earlier thatn this - it runs to 6th May (will this be the election day?) as things are actually due BY that date. The next module is about choosing a topic from your workplace, learning how to plan some research using ethical practice, and choosing a title for your (BA)Hons degree. It is called WBS 3835 Project Planning and Development (Research Methods).

Because of the weather conditions, we are running a bit behind schedule on some admin... contact us if you have concerns BUT we are getting things back on track slowly.

We are now looking into setting dates for the campus sessions AND will continue the Blogs as our main communication vehicle - with other added support now being planned as well.

Friday, 8 January 2010


Not that I am the centre of the universe - but this has been an information source that might help - it is advisable to get as many tutors and classmates on your Followers list as possible.

If you know of anyone not following my Blog - can you given them the address please? I would also remind folks that a draft list is also up on my Mac Cloud space.

PLEASE COMMENT on the Blog about these 2 questions! (If you would be so kind.)

1. If you are not on the draft list, can you let me know?

2. Also is everyone using Google Reader?


The latest a bit late 8.1.10

Hope to be in office by 11th - am looking at emails and writing about WBL at home.. and watching the Day After Tomorrow to pace my working - the Arctic scenes are a little scary.



The University expects all Middlesex campuses to be open for business as usual on Friday 8 January. All students and staff should come in to study and work as usual. Thank you.

Examinations that were scheduled for Wednesday 6th January, have now been rescheduled to Friday 8th January at 10am, see the revised exam timetable for details. Some interviews have also been postponed. Full information on adverse weather conditions.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

MDX is open for hand delivery but take care traveling...


The course work goes to the Student Office (Avni is not in so this is the official alternative) where they will give you a receipt. The student Office is near the Reception down a short hall to the right. Also Alan remind everyone to travel safely to do this REFER TO ALAN'S BLOG

Also this is from the main website:

All Middlesex campuses are open as usual today - Thursday 7th January. 
However the car parks are in the process of being cleared this morning as they are very icy. 
Staff are requested to use public transport wherever possible. 
Some interviews are postponed.

I may not be physically in today because of the travel time, but feel free to contact me again by phone or email or BLOG 07799033978 .

A couple of questions people have been bringing up...

Terms officially starts the 15th February and we hope to get the new Module Handbook to you just a bit before that. We will be marking in January - many people have turned in some very interesting final projects that we now need to look at in their final version. The campus workshop dates have not been set yet, and we are continuing to add to the resources we have available to everyone OR access to MDX university resources

Does anyone have any suggestions that we can put into the sessions? Some things we need to talk about - any issues about professional practice that you think would be helpful to cover? What about resources or information?



Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Middlesex Campus closed - advice for hand deliveries 6th Jan 2010


I am not in the office 6th January due to the snow - I travel from Surrey and it has caused severe delays and cancellations.

This is the news from the campus website...


Due the snow that has already fallen and the anticipated snowfall, all Middlesex campuses are closed today - Wednesday 6th January. Staff and students are asked to look for further instructions on the staff intranet, corporate website or 24-7 or listen to the recorded message on 020 8411 5000 tomorrow morning.

I JUST SPOKE with Alan. As the campus closing is a circumstance beyond our control , his best advice for people hand delivering paper copies is to check the website to see if the campus is open and to hand deliver Thursday/Friday (if the campus is open!) with no penalty. We are both putting this up on our blog but could you also spread the word. Check out Alan’s Blog as well… My number is 07799033978 if you need to get in touch.

Avni's email box is full. If you wanted to send me an email back up if you are concerned – you can do that to



Monday, 4 January 2010

Good luck in handing in...

Everyone help each other to get Tasks D and E in... I am in the office on 0208 411 5087 tomorrow and the 6th January if you need to get in touch.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


This is a repeat - responding to Murat's question...

FOR TASK E - Please refer to your Handbook p.26 (approx 3x200 words and an brief explanation about the comments) and mine and other tutor’s blogs.

Task E are your comments and critiques made on other people’s writing using an academic style of writing. ‘The comments are as much about what you have learnt as they are about the work you are commenting on.’

If you have been a part of a conversation about the work – add this conversation into your Task E even though it has other people’s comments in it – we are concentrating on what you said but in the context of a conversation...

It says in the Handbook to choose 3 (cut and paste them from the Blogs) and explain why you chose them for Task E – so there is an explanatory section that you send in with the 3 comments/critiques/conversations.