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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

and technology

Guardian's Chips with Everything podcast


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  2. Hi Paula
    I have just listened to The Guardians "Chips with everything". I love the title and realised some of the expressions could be linked to drug users.
    "gratification seeking humans, temporary high, loneliness, adrenaline rush, compulsive, social consequences."
    I wonder are some people guilty of using technology as a "legal high"? They asked "should we question technology?"
    On a lighter note I enjoyed "When I think of you I text myself" a service that stores emails for you that you shouldn't have sent and re-sends them to you periodically. The idea is you have time for reflection and see things from a fresh perspective. But what if you were in a bad place and it hadn't improved? I guess that would just make you depressed.
    The other podcast about Mark Zuckerberg was informative. I didn't realise there are more people on FaceBook than live in India and the sentence that it is "Swallowing the whole wide web" was thought-provoking. I do occasionally read The Guardian so now I have installed PodCast I have added to my technological skills as well.

  3. Thankyou for this link. I have recently been introduced to podcasts and found they are another great tool to explore new ideas. I am looking forward to having a listen to this playlist.

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  5. Yes good points here - the digital age means we are 'recording' much more of our lives - I think that is why artists and researchers need to use these devices as we want to - but our society is moving toward the digital and in university this topic needs to be critically examined for good points (the ability to capture our world is a revelation - the ability to communicate a global phenomenon) and not so good points (learning how to communicate honestly but with care, free - or is it?, ethical behaviour online). For me the digital university has arrived - so there is no option about not engaging - and in the arts - I think the same - but with people at the heart of the decision making.