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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Arts Hub link

I think I might have mentioned it before but Arts Hub seems to have a number of jobs going - especially in London - check it out - they can send weekly emails to update you.

Arts Hub link

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Please get in touch if you have any questions about feedback.

This are a few short words about the feedback stage...

Receiving feedback is a part of the process in higher education. The word 'critical' is used a lot - it does not mean 'criticising' but means that the feedback will look at how coursework fulfilled the remounts and standards of the course (the last year of the course is at Level 6) and how the work could be improved in regards to the criteria of the assessment (which includes 'theoretical' input). In other words, the feedback can be quite rigorous but it is there to help improve the work that is presented. Some of the feedback is specific to the standards for the qualifications of a degree. I have learned by experience  that it is best not to 'overcharge' the process with too much emotion, it can be too exhausting! The process of evaluation at this point should help deliver an improved outcome and takes for granted that the process will continue to inform practice (Kolb, Gibbs, etc.).

For example, I had a study afternoon yesterday with my 'learning set' for my PGCHE yesterday and found it really helpful. We went over what we were supposed to be doing and developed strategies for reviewing what had been learned so far and taking the work forward to the next step. It was really good and I now can get on with the work I need to do. We have a few more sessions, and then are doing a project that is due in September. We also had a bit of a laugh!

I know a few people have been meeting up to discuss their BAPP work this summer. I am also happy for people to contact me to have a 'tutorial' or briefing about strategies for the summer about they work. A brief get together can really help with getting an overview of where you are in the process.

In the work that I do for study I try to take things to a certain point, and then I can 'park' them in order to pick up the learning at the next point. I actually learned to do this better doing project work where compartmentalising work is important to structure it and do the work over time. It is good to have a sense of closure as your go through stages (like Modules) in order to gather the momentum and enthusiasm for the next stage. I did this for my MSc and PhD and now the PGCHE, so I think I have found the pattern that works for me - finally! It has taken some time and also some trial and error.

So to conclude, we all wish you well as you get your feedback for last semester and hope that the process is one of evaluation that goes forward and in the end benefits your coursework and professional practice.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Step 9 (OF 12) videos on YouTube

Aclip from Bake Harrison

A clip from the actors, Wendy Nottingham and Barry McCarthy, answering questions about their recent  play


the Parents" #12StepProgramme