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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Drama for disturbed teens BBC article

Another article from the BBC education page - for those interested in teaching it is a good site to check out frequently.

The Grassroots Project

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Teaching Singing and Wellbeing

Interesting study that I got from reading the BBC website - as you can see I look at this site a lot. The Institute of Education in London does a lot of research so it may be one to google in future. Look around for ideas and sources for your questions to see what has been 'out there' and you may find some sources that you can use for critical analysis in WBS3835. Link below:


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Monday, 14 February 2011

Dance for Primary age

BAPP Facebook - primarily for WBS3835 SIGs

You may want to do this on your persona//professional Facebook but the new BAPP Facebook as promised. Continuing work from campus session, this might be a good way to contact and group your Special Interest Groups. aA bit of an experiment- so let us know how you find it.

Facebook for UK teachers

This is another article on the BBC - this issue about guidance is one that is in the news and it seems on the Unions lists for members. Interesting to follow the debate.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Society for Dance Research

THis looks like a good source for those involved in researching dance.

8.2.11 Campus Session 1 on BAPP YouTube

Videos are up on YouTube from 8 Feb 2011 Campus Sessions 1 for 3002 and 3835.

I believe Rosemary has written more about the 3835 so I will just say a word about what we did for WBS3002 in the morning for those on this module. We have done a new Facebook for the Special Interest Groups - I am looking forward to going synchronous for this part of the course.

Basically this session corresponded with Part 1 of the module so we talked about using Web 2.0. We talked about how comments on the Blogs could be used for in-dpeth discussion that involved theory and practice form people's everyday life and looked at how different blogs could illicit different responses - for example there was one about injury and how that affected working. I mentioned a blog by Carly-Joy Osbourne about public communication and Google alerts - check it out on her blog on the BAPP Libguides.

Then we did a group exercise looking at the question 'Do Web based technologies enhance professional practice?' the group decided that everyone would separately do a powerpoint slide for a 5 minute presentation and then a short video was taken presenting some key arguments discussed (on BAPP YouTube).  There is a Powerpoint attached that we did - hurriedly - so excuse any typos etc. I have used Slideshare.

Did I mention to everyone that we had the electricity go out at work and the surge killed off my 30 GB memory stick PLEASE SAVE AND SAVE AGAIN your work or put it up with private settings on Google doc because life is just like that. SAVE SAVE SAVE and STORE STORE STORE.

REMINDER for 3002 6th May submissions we are piloting digital submissions this time so will not be taking paper copies - you will get more directions about this soon.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

TIME TO START BLOGGING - First Week of Term Blast Off

Hayley, Joanna, Ross, Tamsin, Stephie, Rebecca, Alana, Stacey - they have all gotten underway! Hurray and start the firecrackers -  if you were here I would shout with joy - or  I would probably give you a more refrained 'good job' comment with a large grin as to not upset your karma.

It is really good to get started on this stuff early. Download the New 3835Handbook or the 3002 Handbook- try to read them - ok the first reaction is "What have I gotten myself into?" Laura in Italy knows what I mean... But get past that stage - that is the first stage when you start anything new. The 'inertial dampener' stage for Star Trek fans (Americans do like their Star Trek references). Read in stages and look to the first topic area - what is a professional inquiry?

There is always a challenge starting out new productions, new teams, new landscapes. We have had a number of network members describe new work teams for musical theatre.  The main point of professional practice is that you are covering this material with your own interests and territory in mind. It is not just applied theory - but practice as it is seen as an ongoing praxis where doing and thinking collide. Knowledge is not privileged over doing - they happen together. The ideas of collision are more like the Big Blast - a creative force that relies on both energy and matter to come into existence. Our job is is to set up the lab conditions where the experiment takes place. It is a stage where improvisation is considered important but a structure does exist to move the production along. Or in terms of design, there is a brief, but how the brief is fulfilled is very open to interpretation. At least this is what I have gotten from studying work-based learning theory for the last four years and lifelong learning approaches longer than that. Learning is key.

By the way there has been some great work that we have looked at from the last term - so starting your engines and create a Formula 1 buzz.

Have you read this Peter? Almost no Web 2.0 theory here... just generation art pushing and pulling all over the place.

Secondary School drama piece

Secondary Drama piece

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Trying out something on Facebook

I started a 2nd site on Facebook to see if it my help with chatting online - the site is Paula Mdx Nottingham. Is there anyone out there who might be able to try it out with me. I also have a social Facebook - recently got another contact from my art school days saying hello - but this mdx site is something different.

Anyone amongst my advisees who want to try out the wall or messaging? I just though it might be easier with those with limited phone access - but but not help if anyone has limited access or online time. Any of those problems anyone?