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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Tim Urban on TED talks


  1. I'm becoming more and more a fan of Ted Talks, if I have a few minutes to spare now - I tend to lean towards looking for an interesting Ted Talk.

    Another insight into procrastination is this article I recently read -


  2. yes agree with the idea of "human autonomy" so maybe we should not be doing what others say we should - perfect

  3. I am a minute into the talk and have had a few realisations. I was never like that at school, I liked to get things done as I knew it made me calmer. I often completed things before dinner the same day I got it. It is only as I have got older that I have began procrastinating. The statement about 'Why?' we are actually procrastinating is open to so many different excuses: not enough time; priorities; personal problems. I feel sometimes that no matter how much of a positive person I am, I have this fear of failure, not in the sense that I don't believe I am capable but in the doubt that perhaps my understanding is not the same as everybody else's. At school I didn't have that worry because there were right and wrong answers, on this course there are multiple answers!
    I am definitely going to keep listening to this!