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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Continuing and New 3861 BAPP - feedback

On the 19th Oct Campus session the continuing BAPPs again went over what should be in the report. Many are going through the same issues of completing projects and writing the reports. If you missed it, get in touch with your AA for details.
I have done some feedback - the rest needs to send in the Chapter 1-3 so that I can take a look. Alys has some interesting research sources and is exploring drama training within dance, Joe is looking at gender and dance professionals.
I have been looking at blogs - Laura and Stephanie have new stuff from our AA group - where is everyone else?

New BAPP - the time goes quickly - you should be on the Reflection section of the module. Some have not gotten their blog up? Kate? , Carly-Joy, Joannah?, Mina? and Adrian - we need content up there! I think I have the list right - contact me if you need help. New footage on BAPP YouTube. I am looking at blogs.

I need to change the NEXT TWO office hours that are usually on Tuesdays to Thursday because of meetings..
2 Nov now 4 Nov 2 - 4pm
9 Nov now 11 Nov 2 - 4pm
ALSO I will be at a conference the last week before Xmas - but will put in time extra time the next week to make sure you have the contact you need. However, we are not reading up to the last minute this year...  so make sure to get the info you need in good time. The conference is about research in Higher Education.

Anyone in BAPP - email, call, skype etc. self-managed learning is about staying in touch so that you can get the best out of what we have on offer. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes. We are trying to look after your work, but it is hard without updates through blogs or emails.

What a busy time - I am trying to finish my thesis so I too am writing, checking, and completing my  bibliography - now at 70 pages!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Adesola's itinerary for 2nd Campus Session

As Attendees know, Rosemary and Paula helped carry out the session planned by Adesola - see below: 

Campus session – October 19th 2010
10 to 1pm

To be looked at from Reader / Module
What is reflection and why?
Turning experience into learning Boud (Boud et al., 2006, English and Gillen, 2001)

Doing, reflecting, concluding, planning Kolb’s learning cycle

Reflection in action / reflection on action  Schon

“Know more than we can tell” Polanyi

Journal writing and artistic practice

Different types of writing for journals
Look for themes

Introduction and hello

10.05 to 10.20am
Go up stairs to loft bit

Partner with someone who does not do what you do - think of ‘what you do’ choose one thing! And put it as a title on your notebook (i.e. choreographer) swap with partner and list all the things they experience / do. Swap back and read what is said. Short discussion about what is written with partner.

Feedback to whole group – “what was that like, is it true to life, are you surprised by anything?”
Hope the loft and the exercise leads to SEEING THE Familiar DIFFERENTLY.

Write a graffiti wall of conclusions / comment about this.

10.20 to 10.35pm
Go back down stairs sit in circle
Scary story – with another partner, tell story. Talk about the experience…. feedback
Do it again with different partner…talk about the experience
Longer feedback: were there tactics you used? How were you different with each partner? Did you learn something about the relationship / interaction with the each partner? Where were you in the story?
Hope to get to being able to see action of telling was more important and story content.

Graffiti wall of comments about this

10.35 – 10.55am
Canes – in threes (or four) have to move from one side of room to other and turn inside out.  Claps when it falls etc….
Few mins practise in silence
Continue but can talk
In silence again

Feedback on experience

Write post it notes about process sort them into categories of theory below

10.55 -11.15pm
Link to Kolb’s learning cycle & Honey and Mumford having an experience, reviewing the experience / concluding / planning / Schon  learning in action & learning on action & Kottcamp on line /off line

11.15 – 11.40 (inc coffee break)
3 minute Silent tour
Planning your own, include three things, use three pieces of card. Include sound, smell etc….

11.40 – 12.15
In groups of four go on tours, when finished each tour write a short bit, poem etc… about it to give to tour leader.

Read your bits.

Feedback about the experience, how you capture the experience, if it was the same for everyone on the tour…..

Talk about keeping Journals … what kinds do people keep….

12.15 – 12.30
Luggage label, to self, luggage label to blog

12.30-1pm discussion / contingency time

BOUD, D., CRESSEY, P. & DOCHERTY, P. 2006. Productive reflection at work : learning for changing organizations, New York, NY, Routledge.
ENGLISH, L. M. & GILLEN, M. A. 2001. Promoting journal writing in adult education, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Task 1c Audiovisual Posting 45 seconds

The 45 second tasks that you are doing can be posted generically to YouTube or to your own YouTube sites - we have already seen several up! this will be easier and faster than us all posting them up!!!

Look at Alan's blog for some example!


Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Antoine phenomenon

Okay - the web is good, we all know that,  but it can also grow virally - ever seen

Original article  and 'remix'   so it is now a phenomenon   newspaper article.

It is such a serious subject and the treatment it is getting is bizarre... as virtual 'real' life can be.

Any thoughts using the theories presented?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Campus Session 1 New Students BAPP

A very quick comment about the hiphop quality of information and the presentations... reputation -the idea - it started with a conversation and I would be loathe to own the idea... what have others said about it?  Is this what what meant by information sharing in Web 2.0?

Go to the footage from the 3 groups up on our youtube channel - I will add the slides to this email asap.


2 sample 'movies' 1. 1directions and 2. sample of 45 seconds for task on youtubeBAPP

look at info on other blogs - Rosemary + Adesola + Nicholas

ALSO SEE BELOW slideshares of Groups 1 and 3 - Group 2 is up on Rosemary's blog.

Copyright news fromMDX about Government documents

Middlesex University, Staff Intranet,  [Accessed 5/10/10]
Good news on the Copyright front

01 October 2010
The Government has issued a press release announcing the launch of new free licensing arrangements for most government information. The new licence replaces the OPSI ‘click-use’ licence, and does not require any application or registration.

The licence is designed so that it can apply not only to Crown copyright works but also to works created by all public sector bodies including local authorities.

Principal exceptions to the coverage of the licence are commercially valuable works created by the government trading funds, such as Ordinance Survey, HM Land Registry, the Met Office and the UK Hydrographic Office.

Other exemptions such as Personal data, Copyright and Freedom of Information protected materials are listed in the document via the link below.

For any further information or advice on this or other Copyright licences, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Vasili, Copyright Officer.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010