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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Blogging - the season is in full swing

The BAPP arts season is in full swing - that is - everyone is busy busy working and studying.

The topic of this blog is blogging!

some thoughts:

1. good thing to do - it is all about communication and being a digital scholar (Weller)
you can start/add to conversations - say if you agree or have a differing point of view - or add with links - it is dynamic because it is ever changing

2. commenting takes time - so make a rota and plan some time to do this (in smaller amounts - but like the time you might give to your social FB etc.)

3. don't worry if there are quiet periods - but the best way to get some 'traffic' on your blog is to go to other blogs

4. all the blogs can be cut and pasted to a word document for easy access - they are listed on your own blog - or I just added to my feedly that aggregates the blogs for me.

here is the link for the BLOG ADDRESSES

I will add to this blog as I journey round the blogs for this trip - I am shopping for change to Reader 1 - and am now looking at Jessica D's blog for some ideas...

I have also noticed that Eleanor is adding to many conversations...

Here is a site with some advice for blogging -  maybe adopt them to the BAPP Arts philosophy - you are in control of your blogging.

You might think this advice is a bit orchestrated?

What do you think?


  1. Hi Paula
    Interesting that there is a blog telling you how to blog. Good advice if you are using it for self promotion or to get attention. Before I did it I suppose I thought they were mostly freestyle. I like the advice on being first to blog or comment. If we all did that would we be blogblocked? (I nearly used an exclamation mark then). Amanda

  2. another link - if your blog is banned -

  3. Although I have not commented on lots of blogs yet as I am busy finding my feet I have realised how helpful blogging is and reading other blogs is inspiring me and helping me with my own blogs. I am looking forward to getting more and more involved each week.

  4. Good Evening Paula.

    As i stated in my 'back to realty' blog I had actually scheduled to look across everyones blogs this evening. This has taken longer than I though it would and have learnt from this process that is something I should try schedule to do daily or every other day.

    Reading the blogs has re-created the waves in my brain. I have a list of articles on my reading list to explore further. It is interesting to see where lots of people agree on certain areas of professional communication technologies and also what other directions people have taken.


  5. This is a handy list of some pointers to help get the blogging society going.
    Likewise, at the beginning I made a conscious effort to schedule time in to my hectic life to read others' blogs. However, this has progressed to a second nature habit - I really look forward to reading everyone's blogs and I don't have to schedule it in so much because it is something I want to do.

    It's interesting to see the different routes and angles people take on subjects. It enlightens me to see things in a different light.


  6. Hello
    I just left a comment on Adesola's blog that I will be joining her Coffee Shop chat next week and the message "your message will be visible once it has been approved" came up. I didn't know you could do that. I think it is a good feature. Amanda