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Friday, 8 April 2016

Module 2 Outline for Proposal

this is on page 19 in your Module 2 Handbook

Outline of the Inquiry Plan

Use the following headings in bold for your inquiry plan and discuss:

• Title of the Professional Inquiry (a working title of your inquiry)
• Context of the Inquiry (what is your professional practice and why is this
inquiry meaningful to you within your professional practice)
• Rationale and Inquiry Question(s) (what are you trying to find out more
about and how will this improve your practice)
• Aims / Objectives (Aims: what outcomes do you plan to achieve; Objectives:
what are you are actually going to do in the inquiry)
• Literature, art work and Ideas (What are the existing ideas, discussions and
thoughts about the area or topic of your inquiry?)
• Inquiry tools & Ethical consent/permissions (What data collecting tools will
you use and why? use your experience piloting inquiry tool to explain why you
think these are appropriate. Explanations should relate to the Ethic Release
form and Employer/Professional Support forms you will submit about your

• Approach to analysis (how will you think through the information you will
collect in the inquiry. That is how will you find a relationship or draw
conclusions between the existing ideas, your experience and data you collect)
• Resources (What are the resources needed to carry out the inquiry)
• Schedule of activities
• Conclusion (overview of the whole inquiry – who, what, why and when)

You also need to submit:
Your Critical Reflection (500 words)
• Ethics Release form
• Employer/Professional Support form

• Award Specialism Title form