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Friday, 30 October 2015

the end of the week

It is a good question for those working round the clock - when does you week end?

Studying while working is hard and the time goes quickly during the study period - almost like it is accelerated...

Take a deep breadth - chill for a few minutes as time allows - make some lists if there is enough energy in you hand to scrawl some words.

It is hard to get sense of the movement on the course unless you take a pause - so thinking of fast moving cliches...
or the ones about roller coasters...

and then think of some positive images!!  We were talking about these this week in some of the discussions... there are some great new photos going up on Flickr!

So a few more to add to these

This one caught my eye - love the vibrancy colour and of the frightening expanse of the 'leap'.
Richard Branson's site!

Everyone - I hope you have some 'end of the week' time this week whenever you schedule permits!


  1. Thanks for this blog Paula I really needed something like this to brighten my day. It's so easy to get so wrapped up in a busy day, you sometimes need a moment to chill!

  2. Thanks for this, Paula. I sometimes feel like that the combined workload of my full time job and studying on the BAPP can make me feel really overwhelmed and stressed. Your advice has been really helpful to me over the past couple of days and prompted me to write an entry in my reflective journal.



  3. I love the moving cliché picture, taking time to reflect upon where I am in the course has been something I've had to work on. This blog also reminds me of a a different post I read a few weeks ago ( Some of the words really resonated with me. Especially the idea of writing a 'to achieve' list rather than a 'to-do' list. I love lists (they especially help with our BAPP work!) and get carried away adding silly tasks to them which I found put an extra pressure on me. Over the past few weeks I've tried to change my thinking to having aims I'd like to achieve, as opposed to tasks I must do....I'm working on it!

  4. I am getting a bit frustrated with my day job because it seems to be getting in the way of discussions with everyone! Also trying to get my business up and running with new classes is so difficult! Think making lists is good and also I thought I'd really struggle with blogging but I actually find its a bit of a release for my brain!!

  5. Thanks for this, Paula! The images are very uplifting. Whenever I feel it difficult to focus because there are so many different things that need to be done, lists are my go-to solution as well!

  6. This blog is brilliant Paula, really puts my week into perspective! I've been juggling working, teaching, gym and Uni Work and barely leave any time to myself. This blog has made me realize that I need to plan some time to myself next week. I love the pictures you have posted and have made me feel very positive for the week ahead!

  7. Thank you for this Paula, it really does open the question wether our working week ever stops? I feel I am constantly thinking and findings ideas, wether it be whilst at work, in class, in the gym (where I often begin to think about everything I need to do!) or even a home watching TV or Netflix - often ideas spring from topics in these!

    I love the idea of using meme's and pictures to capture feelings and emotions. Something I have learnt from the course is to stop and take some time to refresh. I used to get myself frustrated and feel I need to come up with all the answers there and then. Finding some time to step away really does actually help rather than hinder.

  8. Thank you Paula that has really brought a smile to may face after two long evenings catching up. Our lives are none stop. I'm constantly scared of falling behind with one thing or another. We all need a moment to step back away from it all and think purely about ourselves.

  9. Thanks everyone! will try to do some more of these!