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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Campus Session 1: Considering ‘reflective practice as a catalyst for change’

Suggestions from the session !
try writing a memoir - start writing for 5 minutes and don't stop - write about one of your experiences from the past or present... then look at the writing and pick out some of the key words to look up after this (maybe some concept words) or more subject specific words that you need to define using 'literature'.


Please check out what others have said about the session and make comments:

Final all module campus session 1 13.10.15 from Paula Nottingham

Then try a 'head start' this is drawing a head - your head or an alter ego - and just putting what you are thinking about for the moment - to capture this- then you can extend some of the thinking if you want to - often ideas or concept are a part of the thinking that emerges - let you automatic unconscious help - that is - don't try to manufacture ideas jut let them flow...
My 'alter ego' (Irini's phrase)  head with my thoughts during the workshop.
Please comment if you have any helpful suggestions for reflective practice or a story to tell!


  1. Hi Paula,
    My main suggestion for reflective practice would definitely be psycho therapy. I have gone this whole year just to find out more about myself. As a young adult, I have new emerging adult behaviours or reactions that I am not fully in control of and therapy has helped me dig into this. And I found out some amazing things about myself but also about myself in relation to others, give it a go! François.

  2. My journal! If I need to think on something or reflect on a choice or a decision I write in my journal, weigh up all the pros and cons, etc. I find that writing rather than typing means I have to deliberately slow my thought processes which directly helps.

  3. Since starting my Journal for BAPP I have found that this really helps - as you write things down as they happen rather than your opinion of how something went changing later. I have also started keeping just a little work note book so I can keep notes on my classes and on my students as I go. That way I don't forget little things colleagues or students have said that may have given me food for thought.