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Friday, 30 October 2015

Module 3 thinking creatively about it all

The other night was not a good time for anyone so let's reschedule - you can comment on this blog or the one announcing the session to suggest some dates and times and I will get back to everyone!

Here are some slides that I have revisited that might help you in your process for the inquiry...

This is a long slideshare - packed with advice - but you might want to look at the place where you are now and then return to other aspects - think of a movie you watch in chapters or browse through like netflix - everyone is at slightly different stages.

It will be here for you when you need it!
4 main points
1. work creatively- this is your practice
2. depending on what stage you are -(refer to the arrow diagram) you can star writing up you critical review
3. your analysis depends on what you did for your practitioner research - but what did your find out? and how did that relate to your inquiry questions?
4. there artefact - you might be able to start planning how you will communicate your inquiry to your professional audience /community of practice now

Please add other questions in the comments!!!

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  1. This is really useful, thank you!
    I have begun to write up my critical inquiry, and made a start on the artefact as well which has made me feel a little bit like I'm just wading through tonnes of information, so I'm going to try and take a more creative approach to elements of the artefact which will hopefully help me recharge a little and get my mojo back!

  2. Hi Paula,
    This has definitely helped me with where I am at in the process. I feel I have started working on different elements simultaneously, therefore I have had the professional artefact in mind whilst thinking about the stages of my inquiry. I had a discussion with Emma about our ideas for artefacts and I found it useful to get some ideas from others, as after all, I will be trying to communicate my findings to others. I too, am now thinking more creatively about how I will be able to present my findings, however I am prepared for this to change if my findings are not what I am expecting!

  3. Hi Paula,

    This has helped a lot as I know I can always come back and check what I need to do next. I have not started on my artefact yet I know what it is I would like to do. After reading Dani and Sinead's comments I too will look at a more creative approach to show my findings for y inquiry as I know I will enjoy and have fun putting it together to present it.

  4. Thanks all - I think I will send an email around about rescheduling a session about Module 3 - it is sometimes easy to get lost in the process with so much going on - it is good to spend a little time 'tracking' this as you move through the module. Often the process generates ideas that are really valuable - remember too that you will have a reflection section at the end to capture the valuable things you have learned along the way.

  5. Thank-you for posting - the slides are very useful and I'm sure I will be referring back to them over the next few weeks! I love the idea of thinking creatively and producing something so personal to our inquiry.

    Is anyone available to Skype on Thursday evening? It would be great to share ideas.

  6. If you mean this thursday stephanie I am free but only just seen this comment! Thank you for this Paula, it has given me a huge amount to think about, I have so much information with my interviews, data and literature that I think from looking at these slides I need to start putting them into 'themes' for my inquiry as then I think it will be easier to analyse my information.