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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Listening and doing

My take on the 2nd week meetings hosted by Adesola was the importance of listening to others and or then taking that discussion into actions.

Listening takes time - I remember long ago taking a course for giving careers advice - and one of the important lesson from that was not to fear silence! let others speak - you don't have to fill the space continually with your voice (not sure I am that good at that - and coming from the US means talking/revealing is a cultural trait that i need to consider in Europe). Silence allows others to speak.

Action - sometimes - with all the best intentions (like this blog) we get delayed into doing things - usually because we are busy but also the arts proclivities for procrastination and perfectionism!! Writing down an action plan - I have a things to do list - means that the conversation/discussion leads to actions that are useful - so sharing and then taking some of the ideas and doing something about them in your own way - even if it is writing a blog about it!


  1. I really like this - I've been reading as much as I can and going through all the readers but I found I was still struggling to put anything into action. But listening to you go through things earlier and talking through things myself out loud helped reinforce my own ideas and diminished the self doubt I had about not fully understanding it all! I now feel like I'm in a better position to put things into action! It's also explained a bit to me about how I learn - I assumed it would be through reading as I love reading - but apparently I need to hear things and speak my thoughts it as well.