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Monday, 26 October 2015

Reflective practice Module 1

Reflective practice with networking module 1 26.10.15 from Paula Nottingham

Added bit - the 11:30 repeat session was also a lot of fun talking shop...

The 8pm Session was attended by Nafisah, Ami Sophie Zoe Darren and Nicole (sorry we lost you when we moved to Skype!) please look at their blogs and comment. The breeze site works okay for some times /places but the sound was not right - we need to figure out the recipe for the perfect connection! I will go back to Louise - but then the Skype lost souls as well - it sometimes feels like a ship with people going overboard! Unfortunately my computer is having problems with the headphones - but I am now looking for solutions!

We are redoing the session on Wed at 11:30 am - maybe better connection times with less people at home online?  I think I will call another experimental one to work out the kinks... so watch this space for this to blast out the cobwebs. I have not managed to tape yet so - I have transcribed the discussion from notes.

Good discussion/questions on this part of Module 1 included - not sure if all of this is in the right order!

Discussion about connecting up with the ideas form Reader 2 - Sophie said the Kottcamp's in action strategies useful - especially working with changes that come making quick changes at work - that the ability to work 'in action' builds up.

Ami talked about not being just one type of learner (Honey and Mumford) but that being a freelance teaching and performer meant adjust to the different areas of practice.

Zoe said that that was similar and talked about her experience being observed while 'teaching' and learning form the feedback - she mentioned the VAK (none of could remember the source!) and we moved into multiple intelligences (Gardner - remember his name ). Both of these are mentioned in schools as learning approaches so are good to know...

We began taking about the Reader - and starting up the reflective journal - Nafish said she was okay with using a journal - and we all discussed others ways of putting things into journals like mind mapping, pictures and drawing/doodles. We began talking about some examples - perhaps practitioners - who might help us reflect and Nafisah mentioned going to see Kahn at Sadler's well s and his use of his own reflection to link together his choreography and performance (also Misty Copeland). Sophie mentioned her blog about the book 'Secret' used to visualise practice.

We talked about the writing exercises from the Reader 2 and the campus session - e.g. the use of continuous writing to get thoughts out - we mentioned the use of the unconscious and the automatic - and Ami likened to some exercises she had done with stream of consciousness when doing her acting training. I struggle often to write... Nafisah likened this reflective practice to putting together smaller 'kinetic' movements (like small reflective passages) - so a Chrysalis dance company exercise of starting with body parts with blue plasters - and ending up with large movement phrases. Music allowed Nafisah to 'think on her feet' - reflection in action.

Very good session - links to be added - Ami will talk more about using the stream of consciousness in choreography, Zoe about the stream of consciousness and the use of doodling, drawing and finding images for her journal, Sophie will take on the Boud reflective exercise (a good one!), and Nafisah will think about the stream of consciousness and blog about how some of her influential practitioners used reflective practice to do they creative work and to developers practitioners (performers).

I also remembered that Alan used to link to the ideas of Ted Robinson for creative teaching in schools - so here is what he is up to today!

We also mentioned using automatic drawing - I use it for my journal work - I like this site that liken it to yoga!! what a great thought!!


  1. I just watched the Ken Robinson Do Schools Kill Creativity talk and absolutely loved it! The part about Gillian Lynne particularly stood out to me. She could have been put on medication for not being able to sit still but thankfully she had the right doctor who put her to dance school.

  2. I'm meant to be at work tomorrow but I'm hoping I can ask for a late start so I can join in the discussion! Will keep you informed.

  3. Hi Paula, would love to join the session tomorrow, will it be Skype or breeze?


  4. Thanks - let's continue this discussion - on the blogs!