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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Module 3 5th week online session - the artefact and inquiry

Module 3: Part 7: The Professional InquiryONLINE Session 2: Thursday 29th October 8 pm PN hosting ONLINE in the new space join this url. 

I will do a back up on Skype if the technology is not cooperating everyone - so please RSVP in the comments of this blog if you know you can come - just join us if you can at the last minute anyway on the breeze BAPP Arts Meeting Room!!

We will be looking at where you are at this point in time and discuss the artefact and the analysis...


  1. I will try and make it! I might have to be at the theatre on Thursday evening but if plans change I will join in :)

  2. Thanks Dani - it does not look like a particularly good time for anyone - will repeat if needed! but will also still do this workshop at the scheduled time...

  3. I cant make it unfortunately as I am working - but I am keen to try the new space! I will keep an eye incase you repeat the session, Steph

  4. okay everyone suggest a good time for a repeat session please ! This weekend? or next week? if we can get several people together that would be great! - just leave a comment Stephanie and suggest a good time!