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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Campus Session 2 for Module 3

Campus Session 2 was a whirlwind of talking about work - bringing everyone up to date and making sure everyone was clear on how to proceed.

Please look on the Libguide and the MyLearning site for other Module 3 bloggers - I will mention Sarah Robinson and Daisuke Miura as good examples. Also please please comment on the blogs that you visit even if it is a brief note or question.

Please see slides below that led the discussion we had at the session. Also look at the blogs of Haley, Hollie, Michele, and Blake who were able to attend.



  1. Hi Paula,

    Thank-you for posting the slides (although they are temporarily under maintenaince) and also for the names of people who were able to attend, this will make it so much easier to find blogs related to the session.

    1. Hahahaha, refreshing the page to post my comment brought the slides up. DOH!!

    2. Hi Sarah, my blog about the campus session should be up either today or tomorrow if you would like to check it out XX

  2. This looks really useful Paula thank you, especially as I was unable to attend. I shall have a thorough read when I have the time and comment/blog about it then. Watch this space!

  3. Thanks everyone - will be doing a followup blog to this. Bw

  4. Again thanks Paula. Feeling so out of the loop and a bit behind of late has left me feeling rather stressed and not knowing where to start.

    But as you have told us time and time again. Blog and communicate!!!

    Just browsing a few blogs has helped me feel much more in tune with everything and put the work load into a more achievable goal :)

  5. Hi Paula, thank you very much for posting these older sessions. The slides are fantastic as you can pause and write down your thoughts with each one. I think they are a valuable tool to help you plot your way through Module 3! I have referred to them twice this week already and used different slides tohelp me plot my work! Thanks again. Kym