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Monday, 9 November 2015

Adesola's London premiere of 'Light Steps'

I just wanted to say how much I and my daughter enjoyed the London premiere of 'Light Steps' that Adesola and her team created for audiences of all ages, performed at Stratford Circus.  We went to the 3pm showing. Thank you for sharing it on your blog Adesola!

The performance was enchanting and inclusive - children and adults were invited to enter into the 'day in the life of' three dancers and an intriguing rag-doll that could clap! Props included a light (the sun) that moved with the time and projected differing colours, scarves that became blankets and waves in turn, a small air plane that entered into the audience through a dancer's movements, and ribbons that twirled and were given to all in an onstage crescendo where the audience took part and celebrated the day. The three dancers and on-stage musician were well chosen - the pastel outfits on the London stage added to the other world feeling, their smiles and engagement were genuine, welcoming, and gentle. We could not help smiling back and enjoying this sea of calm. 

The performance is explained more on the Stratford Circus website:

Choreography & Direction Adesola Akinleye
Assistant Choreographer Kat Leung
Costume and Sceneography Shelby Newport
Assistant Designer Bridget Burge
Composer and Musician Jacob Shirley
Dancers Alice Cade, Anna-Kay Gayle, Irisz Galuska


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  1. Congratulations to Adesola, this sounds fantastic!