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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

SIGN UP 11th Nov Campus Session on Arts-based Research

7th WEEK of 7th November 

Campus Session Friday 11 November 1- 4 pm at Hendon (Paula). 
RSVP in the comments of the post on this blog.

All campus sessions at our Hendon campus – WG50 for 11 November from 1pm till 4pm - this is in the Williams building– if in doubt ask at the Main Reception when you arrive. These campus sessions will run on a theme that will be useful to all the modules with thoughtful group exercises that will help you think/do.

Usually we do a 'combined' all  module theme for the campus sessions... Add in the comments any suggestions for this topic that you would like to do - last time we looked at appreciative inquiry and planning - 

For this campus session I think it would be interesting to focus on arts-based research.

Arts-based research is a general term that looks at performing arts, visual arts, contextual studies, arts education.

Please bring any articles or extracts of some of your noted arts practice to share - these could be written - images - or moving images... these could be form where you work or from practitioners or researchers you admire.


  1. I'd like to join via Skype if possible! Thank you

  2. I would be very interested in coming along. I'd be very interested at looking at the research side of things.

  3. Same, If i could observe via skype it will be great!

  4. Thanks all ! yes will try to accommodate Skype - what time Taz?

  5. Due to car problems... could i now join you via skype aswell, as was really looking forward to coming, Thankyou

  6. I would suggest trying to link at around the start of the proceedings - so will get in touch with Taz and Lucy around 1pm - the links may be hard to keep up so it may be you visit during this earlier time when we are discussing arts-based research ...

    1. im on skype now, so whenever is good for you!

  7. Hi Paula, I'd also like to join via Skype at 1 if that's ok?