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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Module 2 - what should you be doing?

This is coming form some very good questions people are asking me about where they are supposed to be right now on Module 2.

What am I supposed to submit for the Module?
the proposal or plan, the critical reflection, the 3 forms

Module 2 - use the outline of the plan in your handbook to start drafting what you need to do for the inquiry- review the handbook please as it does outline what you need to submit. We help with the drafts with written feedback.

Ethics forms?
We also help you with your ethics forms - do download these form the MyLearning WBS3630 WBS site and have a start on these forms as they are required by the university and are part of the thinking process.

The final session is about the tools/methods that will help you gather data for your inquiry.
There are blogs going up about the use of arts-based research your inquiry plan.

How do I draft the inquiry research plan?
Use the heading form the guide in the Handbook with headings - answer questions like:
What have other practitioners and experts said about your topic/area of interest?
Who do you need to talk to to find out what your want to know? e.g. professional actors....
How will you do this ? 30 minutes interview in person and on Skype
write this clearly this in your plan and the ethics form
Gain permission from the gatekeeper to do that if you work in a company e.g the Employer/professional support form.

BAPP Arts and workplace peer input - through the SIGS or special interest groups - who have you talked to about your work on the course? so you are an active part of this process (thank you Rebecca for this conversation)

Critical reflection - hopefully you are talking note of things in a journal - don't forget you can use visual audio and audio-visual - the journal can be in many forms.