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Friday, 18 November 2016

URGENT new dates for Module 2 Session 3 - RSVP

Apologies everyone - something has come up and I need to change the Tuesday 22nd November.

I need to reschedule this session and can do extra time to address the change.

I can now host sessions about the tools and planning:

Thursday 24th 8pm
Friday 25th at 12noon.
Can everyone RSVP in the comments? 

(if the 8pm time is not good - please let me know if Wed 8pm or Friday 8pm are better.)

WE will start on the adobe connect You will need headphones to use this system
Session 3: ONLINE BAPP Arts Meeting Room join this url.

 – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion. I can share my screen on Skype - if that is what people prefer (I will be on skype and email for contact)

so have you Skype updated so you can do group calls please!!

See you there - very helpful for a talk about what you need to do for Module 2.


  1. I can maybe join the Friday 12pm session during my lunch break. Wed or Fri 8pm would work much better for me. Thursday is a no, I'm afraid.

  2. Thanks all Kristina - we have been missing each other so happy to meet with you Skype or mobile Wed 8pm or Fiday 12 noon - happy to see others Thursday main session at 8pm and Friday 12 noon

  3. Friday at 12 would be great for me thank you.