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Friday, 25 November 2016

RSVP Module 3 follow-up discussion artefact/oral presentation

Adesola has a session tonight for Module 3 at 8pm for the Artefact and oral presentation (sign up on her blog) so I would recommend attending this session!

This was a follow-up session for next week - please let me know if anyone needs a day session on Friday or Wed.

Module 3: Discussion of previous artefacts/ oral presentations (Paula)
FRIDAY 2nd December 8pm join this url. 
RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion.

thanks Charnelle for the day clarification - it is scheduled for Friday the 2nd December - tell me if people need a daytime session please?


  1. Hey Paula, is this on Monday or Friday the 2nd of December is on the Friday

  2. no problem i will be at the discussion on friday xx

  3. Hi Paula
    I would like to join the session tomorrow evening