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Sunday, 20 November 2016

All modules: blogs and drafts due dates for feedback

I have this week as week 9 of the BAPP Arts 12 weeks.

I will swing around the blogs this Friday. I hope to speak to M1 on Monday and M2 Thursday or Friday during the sessions (see other blogs for times).

M3 I am working on slides for next week but send me an email with any updates please!
Don't forget the literature!!! LOOK AT the slideshasre I have put up previosuly this study period.

Check when drafts are due - negotiation is useful depending on your circumstances - we like to do all written feedback before the university Xmas break. If I am you tutor send me an email or call or Skype me.

I need to get you back your area drafts and you need to start the essay and send that to me.

Module 1

Duration of study time and feedback

Teaching weeks 7 - 9
Formative feedback up to week 9 via tutor and student blogs.  Send draft versions of ‘Critical Reflection’ to your academic tutor by the end of Week 9 for formative written feedback.

or week 10 if you are still working on this - slideshares will be going up this week so you may need a bit more time...

 Module 2


Duration and feedback

These tasks should be carried out during teaching weeks 7-10 and formative feedback up to end of week 10 via staff Blogs will be given by the academic tutors.  (also as emails)  Send in drafts to your tutor by the end of Week 10 for written feedback professional inquiry plans.

Outline of the Inquiry Plan

Use the following headings in bold for your inquiry plan and discuss:

·      Title of the Professional Inquiry (a working title of your inquiry)

·      Context of the Inquiry (what is your professional practice and why is this inquiry meaningful to you within your professional practice)

·      Aims / Objectives (Aims: what outcomes do you plan to achieve; Objectives: what are you are actually going to do in the inquiry/possible outcomes?)

·      Rationale and Inquiry Question(s) (what are you trying to find out more about and how will this improve your practice)

·      Literature, art work and Ideas (What are the existing ideas, discussions and thoughts about the area or topic of your inquiry?)

·      Inquiry tools & Ethical consent/permissions (What data collecting tools will you use and why? use your experience piloting inquiry tool to explain why you think these are appropriate. Explanations should relate to the Ethic Release form and Employer/Professional Support forms you will submit about your inquiry)

·      Approach to analysis (how will you think through the information you will collect in the inquiry. That is how will you find a relationship or draw conclusions between the existing ideas, your experience and data you collect)

·      Resources (What are the resources needed to carry out the inquiry)

·      Schedule of activities

·      Conclusion (overview of the whole inquiry – who, what, why and when)

You also need to submit:

·      Your Critical Reflection (500 words) as an Appendix

·      Ethics Release form (this may be online this year)

·      Employer/Professional Support form

·      Award Specialism Title form 

ALSO  you can mock up your BAPP Arts Consent and your Information sheet for your inquiry - all the forms are up on My Learning - send drafts in when you sen drafts to your tutor!


Module 3

I also like to get drafts of the artefact planning as well if I am your tutor.

Week 9
Send to tutor drafts of your Critical Review (Introduction, Evaluation, Analysis and Critical Reflection) for written feedback.  Written feedback from tutor continued in Week 10. Blog.

Week 10
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback.   Blog.

Week 11
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback (i.e. artefact).

Week 12
Continue blogging and oral formative feedback (tutors do not give written feedback in the final week). Continue to blog about learning and oral presentation, ending with a final summary blog.

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