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Sunday, 19 April 2015

ALL Modules 20th April BAPP Arts 10-1 pm sessions available on campus or by Skype

hi everyone - sorry about the short notice - it has been up but this is a reminder that I will be on campus tomorrow 10-1pm for those who want a quick 1-1 session or together as a group
10th WEEK 20th of April

Monday 20th April ALL Modules Campus Session and Group session 
10am – 12pm C109 College House  PAULA
This session could be repeated in the afternoon if requested.
Date: 20th April
Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Room: C109

I have heard a couple of people might come but nothing definite- you could take the opportunity to have a drop-in session or  let me know in the comments or email or text or phone if I should expect anyone or if you want a Skype conversation about your studies and the submission.


  1. Hi Paula, I wouldn't mind a Skype session as part of a group or a quick individual. Just to have a bit of a chat about the submission.

  2. okay Lisa - I will be on skype if you want to ring in...

  3. Hi Paula,

    Some work came up this morning. Would it be possible to arrange a skype some time this week or next to chat about the draft?

  4. Hi Lisa / Paula, I'd like a Skype perhaps tomorrow morning or another day during the week about the critical reflection as well so let me know if you arrange one. Thanks

  5. sure Catherine - send me an email or try me this week - if it is pm I will put it in my diary if i am free...

  6. HI, sorry delayed reply. Are you available on Monday? I have a few questions about the submission. also, what format should we submit our draft and how? Does it go through Turnitin as I can't find my link to that on myunihub. Thanks