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Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Harlem Shake - what is going on?

Heard of it? Probably - a dance craze that has gone 'viral'.


Module 1 - how do viral trends use communication technologies?

Modules 2 and 3 - Fads, trends, the ways that generations understand and develop cultural 'norms'. We have had people mention that performance trends , yes and visual graphic trends, are related to our work practice as external influences. This is where looking at the phenomenon by talking to other practitioners or a bit of expertise from your field - along with literature about the topic area you are looking at - helps to understand and gather knowledge about our social and workplace practice.

So the harlem shake as an example

Showing my age - remember the Rocky Horror fad - it happened a lot later in the states...

If I was looking at the Harvard Shake as a topic - or trends in dance - I would have to look at first hand knowledge because articles might be on the web - blogs editorials online periodicals - but they would not yet be in peer reviewed journals - so I would have to look at similar phenomenon to think about this particular dance craze.

Try it out as an example? and put in comments if you find anything to share and I will do the same.

Follow up - the Harlem Shake may have serious consequences

but the journalist Yolande Knell has also signposted us to a webiste about the popularity of social media
from Reston VA so it must be right (?).

AND the Royal Ballet School has gotten in on the act - is it in your Patch of the world?


  1. Hi Paula
    Don't worry, 'The Harlem Shake' will never catch on......
    I will make sure of that.
    Best Wishes

  2. We all have to keep up to date with influences within the industry regardless as to how far fetched they seem. For example 'Gangnam Style' is still in the UK charts after 6 months, I never thought as a professional dancer I would have to dance to Gangnam style, however it has krept into one of my shows! We go live next week so I can fill you in on how the audience recieves it, however I am confident the audience will be pleased!

  3. I find it crazy how words and phrases catch on so quickly. If you said to me a year ago the words 'Harlem Shake' or ' Gangnam Style' I wouldn't know what you were talking about! Now you type in the first few letters into google and they come up! Social networking gives even the most ridiculous concepts and ideas so much importance! It almost gives us a global language. I know no Chinese, but they could say to me 'Gangnam Style' and I would know exactly what they are talking about!

  4. I am working on a cruise ship at the moment and our cast have been having some social issues which have been reflecting within our work. My dance captain, after a couple of the cast members mentioning the 'harlem shake', decided that it would be fun for all of us to create a harlem shake video, just as an exercise to try and bring us closer as a cast.
    this is our video:
    I think it worked, at least for a few days whist we were all still laughing at it!

  5. Great Emily - yes the plot thickens and the lawyers are out...copyright is rearing its head for intellectual copyright (IP)

    AND this one seems really unfair - a librarian is sacked for a midnight shake???