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Monday, 29 October 2012

Suggestions for blogs Module 3 from Handbook

MODULE 3 I was looking at blogs today... you might be feeling as behnd as I feel - but suggestions are available in the handbook.

Updates on inquiry progress and sharing discoveries 

 Reviews of campus sessions 
BA (Hons) Professional Practice (Arts) 3760 – Professional Inquiry Module Handbook 
Middlesex University ©2012 9 -10

 Commentary on discussions with your peers and SIGs 
 Reflections on working collaboratively using social media 
 A conversation with professional externals to the BAPP (Arts) network – put up their thoughts or have them comment 
 Thoughts about your artefact – what is it and who is your audience – is is a product or a work in progress? 
 An evaluation of your processes for doing the inquiry – i.e. the tools you have used 
 Summary of your main project findings in 100 words or less, what do you think is the main benefit of your findings 
 Critical reflection on your learning experience for Module 3. 
 Thoughts and plans for your oral presentation 
 Summary of your learning experience across the BAPP (Arts) course 

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