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Monday, 8 October 2012

Thanks for commenting this week Module 3

A big thinks to everyone who has commented on my blog this week! 

I just commented on Corinda's blog as she has helpfully put down some of her action points for carrying out Module 3. I think it really does help to write down what needs to be done as it becomes more tangible and you can develop a sense of the time you will need for each task. Just like in the earlier modules, the tasks you give yourself  structure you activities.

You noticed on the email for the Campus Sessions that you should have been working on a 1 page summary of your inquiry (this could be on your blog or emailed to me - or both!). As you can see from the Libguide and the email reminder - we are operating am and pm times for Module 3 on the 10th of October - so take advantage and come if you can - if not please get in touch with your updates to your advisers this week.

Week 1: Formative feedback - after looking at your adviser feedback from Module 2 - students send a 1 page summary to your adviser with your inquiry title, your research/inquiry questions and ideas, ethical issues, literature review up to this point, changes to your plan, ideas for your artefact, and any questions or issues that might have arisen for the module after reading the Module 3 Handbook.
Week 2: Campus Session 1

Now as we end the week, I have not gotten updates from everyone! so I will be contacting you this next week to make sure you are okay. At the new Hendon campus we have a new phone system and my mobile does not work well in the new office - apologies if I have missed anyone who has been in touch. PLEASE KEEP TRYING to contact me and I will get back to you. PLEASE START BLOGING - many of the sites I have visited recently have not been altered at all since the Module 2 entries. 

The feedback in the beginning can help you pace the work out over the study period - and we can discuss summing up the reflection and discussion you have had with work colleagues over the summer period. Victoria has written a good welcome back blog she is in Canada so has different time zones - would like to hear more about how the inquiry is going in the next blog. Emily is also back in action. Jacob has updated us and has a new position in Sarasota. Hannah has begun.

Going a bit further, Fione has been using the renewed discussion to think about her Module 3 work. Fione - you were in London! Charlotte Bidston has refined her topic and is updating everyone on her inquiry progress - she has asked a good question about the difference between journal entries and a observation log. See if you can add your opinion.  I just suggested to Charlotte in an email that she look at Anthony's blog as he is working at the Chickenshed theatre an dis starting up again after an interruption (hello Anthony?) or Alice  is also working on a related topic within education (hello Alice - how is it going?).  Liam Conman is sharing his drafts for surveys as google docs and Eithne has started a survey. Alicia has a really interesting about the Arts Council Funding and has updated us on her activities, thanks Alicia.

Sarah is finding change at work means that previous planning has changed. With the content of BAPP Arts coming from the workplace - this is an aspect of professional practice that can be frustrating but very real - and your efforts overcoming the challenges can be used in your critical reflection. You have probably visited Laura Weir's archived blog - her inquiry has to change when the company she was working for went out of business. Sarah might also want to check out Joanna's blog as she studied creative curriculum and school policy where she was working. Emily also has been finding orienting the Module 3 work sometimes needs structuring and rethinking to make it purposeful.

What sometimes happens at this stage is that I begin to look up sources that relate to people's topics - sometimes they seem like good sources but don't specifically relate to anyone's work - here are two examples but are worth collecting

To share these sources it took me about 20 minutes to sign in to my Delicious account - which I had migrated long ago - but no longer seem to hold any sources (there were only a few I admit). I like other put these up and tagged as BAPP and many others are there also tagged as BAPP - so check them out for a bit of fun AND they might be helpful sources. I finally remembered my user name from a screen grab I had done on my computer. Labelling helps tremendously - and - pictures that track my activity help a great deal. I will leave you with the stages image that I will speak and blog about next week. 

The process of the inquiry is one that is 'iterative' - it can be repeated as needed - but Module 3 is also about 'resolving' your inquiry questions from Module 2 (or redrafted). Good luck everyone - and hope to speak with you all in the upcoming weeks and raise a British style 'hear' hear' to Fione's sentiments:

"I hope I am now ready for the final leg of the journey and that I have made adequate provisions.
I am looking forward to the discoveries I am about to make and the challenges I stand before and hope for an enriching learning experience.......((O;"

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  1. Thanks for the detailed post Paula! I have indeed been looking at Laura Weir's archived blog, she was a student at my school too and it's really interesting to read about her inquiry. She was very pro-active when she had to change her Plans, it just goes to show how precarious our world is... which links in with my inquiry abit..