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Monday, 29 October 2012

Putting conceptual thinking into practice

One of the things I discuss with people is the idea of putting ideas or concepts or theories (abstract thinking tools) into use in order to analyse practice. In the work that we do for your inquiry - you will not have to time to investigate all the interesting theories that relate to your professional goals - but choose ones that extend your knowledge or look into new areas that were not covered in your first 'two' years of higher education.

Look for concept words that  you are using within your inquiry - make sure to define them...

What is communication in the context of your inquiry? What is confidence? 

If you are going to use social or cultural theory in your inquiry - what is the social theory that you will be using? who invented it? in what context was it invented? how are you using it? 

how is social theory seen within drama

or how might actors  (this same process could be for other professional activities) use social theory within drama education

Going back to some basic theory in acting... what did Stanislavski actually say? how does t relate to what you do? Do you learn this methodology as a way of developing your practical 'craft' of acting?  

Have you ever read his writing or critical writing about his work?

How does this relate to how your work is seen by professionals? How do they use ideas and theories?

A way to tell if you are using theory is if someone else asks you to explain your expertise because they are getting very interested n what you are saying!

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