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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Teacher Training news from Teach email

I signed up for information about becomeig a teacher and recieved the following email from

You can sign up too but this email has some links that might interest everyone. I signed up on


Thank you for registering your interest in teaching. It's a great decision, as you'll be joining an increasing number of top graduates looking to pursue a career in teaching. Your registration number is ------- - keep it to hand if you ever want to contact us. We're glad that you've come to us for more information on teacher training, as there can be a lot to think about. You may be wondering what to do next.

We recommend following these three steps to get you started. Then you'll be in a much better position to apply.

  Start talking. There's nothing like talking to a real teacher to help you get a feel for whether teaching is right for you. Ask any friends or family who are teachers, call us on 0800 389 7900, visit our Facebook page, blog or take a look at what teachers have to say on YouTube.

  Try it out. It's so important to get into a school and gain experience in the classroom. This can help you add substance to your application and bring your interview to life with your insights and observations. You can find out more details on how to do this on our website or simply call a school switchboard directly.

Plan your application. Once you've taken steps one and two, it's time to pick the training option that's right for you. Remember whichever postgraduate teacher training course you choose, you can expect to spend at least half your time in a school. For example, two thirds of a secondary PGCE course or half of a primary PGCE course, will be spent on placements. Then you can visit our website where you'll find handy application resources - from tips on filling out your application form, to interactive interviews.

Candidates starting a teacher training course from September 2013 must have passed the professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy before beginning training. Training providers may use your test results to help them decide your suitability, so we recommend that you take the tests before interview for the best possible chance of a successful application. You can improve your chances of passing the tests first time by practising them online here

To find out how and when to apply to the different teacher training options, visit our website or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 389 7900.

We look forward to welcoming you to teaching.


  1. Thanks for posting this Paula, I had a little go at a part of a practice Numeracy Professional Skills Test and must admit I found it hard! I'm going to have to practice!!

  2. Ha - yes - I am sure I would too. Numeracy and literacy skills need practice - so just knowing that once in a while a review is needed may be the best approach to keeping on top of that skillset.