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Friday, 5 October 2012

Arts vs Rehab resources for practitioners.

I just found this link that has developing arts programmes for a variety of purposes - for example arts vs arts therapy. The main website is Arts vs. Rehab at They look interesting for practitioners and might even give some ideas of professional artefacts in Module 3? They might also be useful for planning in Module 2.

Can people have a look and see what your think?


  1. Hi Paula,
    This is potentially a very useful website offering a number of different frameworks or "toolkits" for us to question our own practice in similar ways. I am particularly interested in comparing this research and collaboration with other companies who are dance or drama based, using similar processes to compare the outcomes.
    The following link shows an example of a dance project carried out in 2008 in Warwickshire, "assessing the impact of community dance on physical health, psychological well-being and aspects of social inclusion":
    Maybe it will be useful to others on the course...
    Best Wishes,

  2. Jo great link for the inquiry you are thinking about for Module 2 - and the further link to the report 'Dance4HealthA Research-based Evaluation of the Impact of Seven Community Dance Projects on Physical Health, Psychological Wellbeing, and aspects of Social Inclusion' (Nordin and Hardy, 2009) is a good example of professional or academic research that can inform your thinking. While people on BAPP undertake are small-scale inquires - they can use research and experiences to guide the inquiry and suggest areas of interest within a broader topic. Your example could also be useful for others to look for local/regional research - publicly funded - that is publicly accessible. Thanks for posting. Is anyone else interested in similar topic areas? Jo is looking for collaboration oh her blog!

  3. This post is very useful Paula, now i've completed most interviews it's interesting to compare the thoughts of different therapists, how they see their role etc, in comparison to the theory behind - i also checked this out -