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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nebuli LinkedIn - Daisuki's post

BAPP(Arts) Special Interest Group 'Nebuli' is a linked in group I started to help connect others - in this Daisuki has just posted:

Daisuke Miura • Hello Everyone! How are you?

Recently, I have watched a documentary of a ballet competition in US for young dancers call " First Position ".
And, I think this film captured a good glimpse of how the performing arts world functions.

If you are in LinkedIn and want to join please do so - or go directly to Daisuke's blog for a conversation... 


  1. Paula,
    This is so many ways. It makes you appreciate your training. It reminds you of that childhood ambition to become the best at what you do, whether that be ballet, jazz, singing, drawing, felt like. It invokes a sense of drama, the need to be appreciated, the drive to get you through and yet the sadness that so much pressure can wear people down and make them unhappy when they experience rejection and disappointment from others. I would love to watch this documentary.
    Thanks Paula.
    Best Wishes,

  2. Hi Paula, I took some time out today to watch "First Position".
    I had no idea it was a documentary, I thought it was a fictional film. It's actually an amazing piece which when watching it from a BAPP point of view shows a lot of points which could be seen to be unethical. It shows pain and injury and how dancers are willing to work through this to reach their goals. It shows that even if you are an amazing dancer there still may be no job waiting for you... a lot of things that relate to a lot of people's inquiries.
    It has left me feeling very inspired and amazed at what can be achieved through so much passion and training. I will be blogging a review and possibly using it as literature toward my inquiry.
    Thank you very much, I have spoken to Daisuki before but will make sure I join this group on linked in too, Emily

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